What is my Service Mission

What is my mission and how do I find it and Why am I asked to move now that my service work is flourishing?

Written in May 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ Starcrystalportal.com

Many beings when they are awaken, start looking for their service mission. They want to serve the world, but they are not realizing all the components of this desire. There is a consciousness field and a net that holds and confuses many beings in to becoming martyrs (martyrdom) and trap them in this thinking. We all want to serve the world help out others, but if we move in to only serve others then we move in to this enslavement paradigm and become a slave. What our intention should be is what I want for myself I want for all, but this is done without harming and enslaving myself to the others. So when I advance and evolve, by my advancement I assist with others evolution. Then our true mission when we awaken becomes working on our advancement and healing ourselves. On this path the God forces will work with you to heal you and through you heal the planet. As we move in to higher dimensional levels of consciousness expansion we are given more information of who we are what we are really here for and much more information and we can choose to work with these beings to heal ourselves and through that, fulfill that mission. This is an extremely important part for many newly awaken beings to think about and go in and find their inner guidance to assist with in moving as many get lost in the way of their evolution and simply want to assist others but not assist themselves. Our main and greatest focus should be healing ourselves building that love within and assisting our self, then through that many opportunities are open to us to assist another.

Why am I being guided to move on to another area?

When we are activated to our gifts and abilities (ex. healing abilities) we have to understand the proper use of these in helping ourselves and others. If we move in to offer it to others for an exchange of money or other exchanges, these should be in done with the intention and manner where your intention is to create more value for that person than the money value they give to you. Start working with your guidance team to create methods where the win/win principal is applied to these exchanges so that you are not ripping off these people but working to enhance the life of these being. In doing this the exchange amount you set for your service is reasonable and fair. Move in to the space where you are not competing with any other person, you are simply working to give the best service you can for the best price, creating more value to all involved. In doing this you simply move out of the patriarchal competitive way of thinking and move in to Spirits way.

When you reach a level of healing and are done with that work you will be guided to move on or simply end that service work and move on to a bigger project or mission. Be strong enough to drop those and move on with your evolution, you got your education and knowledge and now you are ready to move on to another level and with that trust move on with your evolution. There will be another person who will move in to that place to fulfill that task you left behind, if that task still needs continuing. Trust in your path and guidance in all areas to make these movements; do not let obligations, fear, competition or loss of money be the reason for you to still stick to that job or work you did. Be strong and follow your guidance you will be taken care of. Any being when they are big enough for their work or environment will automatically be lifted up to the next level, or moved to another job or location. This is the natural evolution of the being.

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