Oneness meditation

When we begin to realize that we are all part of the oneness, we can be more compassionate and loving to each others as we know that there is no separation from us to the other person or to nature. We all come from the same source and go back to the same source when we leave here. When we hurt someone in another way we are hurting ourselves and so on. These thoughts that we come to understand bring us more closer together. Understanding this truth is very supportive to us but this is still in our mind only. We want to be able to know it deep, feel and self realized this within our being. This is where different methods of meditations come to support us.

This mediation is to support you in understanding and feeling this through visualization.

Find a comfortable place and sit or lie down.

Make sure you are not disturbed.

If you can use a candle or incense that could be helpful to bring in the ambiance which can calm your being.

Surrendering to what is.

Begin by realizing that you are fine with whatever the outcome this brings to you, meaning, you might get this the first time or you might get distracted. Especially when you realized that you got distracted you must be okey with what happened instead of blaming yourself. This way you surrender to what is and not resist what happened. Can you see what this does to you; you hold no expectations and no resistance to what is happening in this moment. When you resist something you create conflict within, this way you are not able to relax and be in present.

You must be okey with whatever happens with your meditation with your first attempt or the second or the third. As you can understand this itself is a mediation as you are surrendering your minds expectations to your Eternal spirit or the God self.

Be patience with all this as you go about with this meditation.

Now as you lay on your bed or easy chair visualize your body fully.

Visualize it being materialize from the legs all the way up to your head.

Whatever the way the visualization comes to you in your mind is okay.

If you are unable to understand this, I will explain a way to do this. It is like your body is a larger pixel that is being slowly dismantled and you can see pieces flying out of your legs starting from nails and going up towards your legs and ankles the knees and so on. Final outcome is a large cloud like thingy.

Now imagine that cloud is you or your consciousness and you are in that feeling the lightness of this without a form.

Now imagine the oneness filed, whatever comes to your mind is what you want to see but again if you are having difficulty with your mind I will give you an idea. Imagine it is a field that is all around you and within you. Flowing in and out of you when you are in form.

Now imagine you merger with this field or become one with it. All of a sudden you are the field and the cloud is no more.

You are the oneness field and you are everywhere and everything. There is no separation from one thing to another as you flows through everything.

Understand that you are everything but nothing at the same time.

Also you are everywhere in time and out of time.

This might be an Aha!! feeling for you.

This mediation can have much multidimensional effect on your being in surrendering your mind and healing your being.

Stay in this state and feeling as long as you can.