Greate Thoughts, Past and Present

Post date: Aug 4, 2014 8:55:40 PM

Every great thought and idea has been already thought and wrote, all we are doing is taking it in and making it ours and giving it our own take.

I was talking to my partner today about the Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson and his essays. He was part of American literary/philosophic movement called Transcendentalism. We thought wow what this guy is talking about is so true for us and for this time of planetary evolution. All the new age and other evolutionary movements are talking about the same things these beings have talked about hundreds or thousands of years ago. It seems everything is cyclic, cycles upon cycles repeating the same thing over and over again till it gets done. Today we are repeating the same words that have been said thousands of years ago by our ancestors. It is in the consciousness field, it is in our blood and DNA, we are so familiar with these truths and way of life. When we read them we begin to wonder what made us forget these truths and loose track, where did we go wrong? .... Those days these beings had the ability to be true to their self and their spirit which allowed them to access their God self, and they thought about these thoughts lived them and made them theirs and wrote about it for all of us to read.

Here we are again accessing our God self for the same thoughts and ideas and are thinking about them and apply them to us and making them ours. There is no ownership to any of these thoughts they are all ours part of the ONEness and are in the eithers . We just have to access them and think about them make them our version of truth, give it life.

Isn't it great to see how all this is unfolding, it's like a one big script that's being written and we are just following the lines, playing our part. Talk about puzzles eh? Pavithra

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