Time bound tick-tock mechanical beings to timeless eternal beings - March 2016

Post date: Mar 12, 2016 10:52:21 PM

Time bound tick-tock mechanical beings to timeless eternal beings - March 2016

Written by Pavithra LH @ starcystalportal.com

Most of us are comfortable with where we are in our life situations. Even when there is a bit of pain with whatever the situation is; we will ignore it and move on with life as we know, it is more work to change. In a nutshell, we don't like change. Yet, change is the only constant in our lives.

But most don't understand it or don't want to believe this to be true in their life. For them, change means leaving behind the comfort that they are in. So they fight against change whenever they can until they are forced to change.Ancient masters and teachers have mentioned this reality to be an illusion as well as time, and we are timeless beings. But to understand these concepts and be part of that timeless dimension has been a bit of a challenge for most of us as we are still bound by the mind and artificial mind control system and its matrix.The whole mind control thingy and the mind control game is a psychological trick. It's a trap that most of us don't seem to understand. Ego identity and it's distorted or artificial mind is continually wanting us to believe that what it is telling us and showing us is true and that the eternal spirit and the eternal creation is not something that we are a part of. We are constantly being tricked into believing this lie through many means as dark knows, if we truly realize the truth of who we are, then the game is over and ego is no more nor is the dark.

False stories

So making up elaborate stories upon stories of lies and deceptions through many means for the last thousands of years has been the task of the dark, for its survival. This has succeeded to a level as some of us are so lost in the ego world and not aware of anything other than what we are told or what we are taught; some even fight to keep these lies as truths as they are scared to let go of what they believe. Their thinking is limited to self-created boundaries; they say, we were born to this so this must be the truth; without these beliefs and ideologies who we are? They are scared to ask questions or break out of their boxes that they were born into or they have created for themselves. With all these lies, deceptions and omitted truths, many are scared and fearful to step out and see the truth. So the dark and the ego are safe to live with them as light cannot enter the ignorance and closed minded thinking with all of the boundaries that they have created for themselves.


The mechanical, false thinking which is part of the ego and this distorted mind is something that we have to pay attention and work to free ourselves of. The ego part of us is really tricky as most of us think that the ego identity is who we are. For them there is no difference between the ego identity and eternal self, for them, both are the same. Once in a while, they get a glimpse of their eternal self but they think that is normal, just as ego is. They think the dark and the angel at both shoulder thingy is normal, the way they were born and that is how their whole life is going to be.

This belief is letting them down as they do not see beyond that. This is also polarity thinking. Wherever we look, this is the thinking around us and many believe this to be the truth and how things are on this planet. What if it is not, what if the ancient masters have really figured this out and got out of this polarity thinking? That means we don't need to live our lives in this polarized way either. At this moment on this planet, there are many who have already got out of this thinking and the mind control altogether. Why not us? We can change, we can shift. We can be free from ego and its mind-made fantasy world. We can lean back on our eternal self that is already within us and be part of eternal creation.

Slow down

To do that we must be able to realize what's going on with us and to do that, we have to slow down. I mean really..really... slow down. That means, first finding ways to manage our time and not be distracted by things and people that are continually asking or pulling for our attention.

Tool is using you

The distraction factor is so much these days with all the technological gadgets that we have with us. They are there to serve their purpose but we have to know when to stop using them and not use them as a way to distract ourselves from this moment we are in. For most of the people, these gadgets have become an addiction. They cannot go on without them for a few hours or they will die of boredom. That means the tool, the device is using the person.

Weakness is the user

The main weakness in any weapon, device or tool is their user...meaning us. We are the weakness of any device, not the device. Most of the devices are created to make our lives easy but instead of getting them to do their work we get them to use us. We are their slave, not their master. We are addicted to them and cannot part from them for more than a few minutes.

BE and DO

Why? Because we don't know how to 'BE'. We don't know how to control ourselves. We are distracted by these mundane devices and their promise of wonderland...their fantasy, the thrill.

The mind is so distracted and is craving for more to feed on and all we do is feed it more and more things to 'DO' instead of finding ways to be free of it. We can manage time, manage tasks at hand with conscious awareness so we are not dragged down by the mind and its continuous desire for more...

On the other hand, ego is always in its greedy mode and wants more; it wants to acquire more things to feel secure, so these two things go hand in hand. Ego wants things to acquire and the distorted mind wants things to DO. Both are part of the same distortion but when we look at it this way for some it makes sense.

Time bound life and addictions

The other thing that is part of this puzzle is time. Time is the next thing that mind uses to bind us to this whole psychological trick. When we are trapped in it, we cannot let go of time and its time bound mind or rather we are not aware of this.

Watch and see how many times many around us look at their wrist watch. They cannot relax for a moment without letting go of time and time-bound mind that always thinks of the amount of things that they have to do. They are always on the go or their mind is always on the go. THIS IS AN ADDICTION OF THE MIND. Understand this and break free from it now.This could have been picked up from family or people around or a learned habit that became an addiction. Their priorities are not straight; they are not aligned to the person's highest good but to their ego demands. They are not aware of what they are doing and thinking, or rather ego tells them things that are more important and all they do is believe them and obey the ego demands. Obey their master. One may wonder, with this thinking and habits, how can a person really relax for a moment? They are always bound to the clock and mind. Stillness, peace of mind, now moment, is just a word for them and they can never get there with this kind of thinking and mind. Remember our peace, our happiness is more important than ego demands. Letting go of ego demands must be our priority instead of letting it control us.

Roller coaster ride

This is part of a conditioning of the mind-made world we are in...We see this mostly in the west as they are in a super fast roller-coaster ride with them running to get things done. For them there is so many things to do and so little time to do them, so they get on the roller-coaster ride with others and run to get things done. Ego demands things of them and their priorities in life are mostly ego driven priorities, so they have more things to do and acquire. At the end of the day, they are wasted and it takes a whole lot of time to slow them down and their minds. That is one of the reasons they watch TV or movies, most of the time they sit there and veg in front of the TV watching but not really watching as they feel this is a way to relax. After a while, this also becomes a habit that they find hard to let go. When they need to relax or when they need to get away from something, the mind urges them to go watch something so they can get distracted from that moment and that situation. Watching TV then becomes another comfort just like food or drugs.

Have you felt the difference?

If you are a person who lived in some parts of Asia, Africa or on an island nation where there is more heart energy and less mind energy and then you get to visit North America for a while, if you are conscious, you will be surprised by the busy go-getter world that you now find yourself in. You had to get used to the clock time, the time bound schedules and time-bound mind thinking. Also, you might have noticed, how many things need to get done in a small amount of time and so on.. And also the priorities of the people and you might have wondered, do they really need what they think they need? This is the fast moving world that is time bound and mind energy is so strong and because of that so is ego; it dominates the people. If you are not careful, you'll get swept by the mind of the group field, by the machine.

Some parts of Europe is still holding heart energy so if you have arrived there, you might not feel a big difference and won't be dragged onto the machine but there are countries in Europe that are running heavy mind energies and are fast moving and are run by ego.

Have you experienced this?

Most of the people who went on vacation to a heart energy field for a while out of this mind field gets the time to slow their mind down and be part of the heart energy. They get to breathe life into them, get their body unwound and the shrinking that their whole being was in slowly gets un-shrunk; organs get to breathe and work better, the blood begins to flow better, the dis-ease of the body slowly subsides. The body begins to feel at ease, so there is less-dis-ease.

This is the gift of heart energy, the energy of spirit. In it, the timelessness begins to seep into your being, rejuvenating your life. Remember this feeling? Have you ever wonder, why you felt that way? It's because you were away from the ego and mind dominated group field and entered another world, entered the energy of the heart, energy of the mother.

You will not experience this if you took your work and the gadget to a heart energy world and forced yourself to live the same patterns there while on vacation. You just changed the scenery, not the mind-made thinking that you were holding, in that case, you will not experience what I am talking about.

When you came back from vacation and had to get back on the roller-coaster, you begin to lose this feeling and that comfort you had. You lost that vibrancy you had, the love and lightness you felt; there is a drag feeling, less energy and the body begins to shrink again and the organs are not working the way they were before. You begin to slow down in this fast phase world.

You can simply dismiss this as oh, that was the vacation and now I am back on work world so that's about it. This is how things are, but that is not that case, this happened because you have allowed yourself to enter the mind-made, artificial reality or the world of the ego.

We can still keep at least some of that vibrancy if we pay attention and are conscious of ourselves and our choices and how we are going to be free of ego and this mind-made world while in it.

We can choose to be less mind and more heart and then balance the two where the heart is guiding the mind. Spirit is using the mind as a tool, not the other way, where the mind, the tool, is using us. This way the heart, the spirit is in the driver seat and we can feel the vibrancy of nature and be calm and at peace.

How do we do that? We can begin to be conscious of our thoughts and actions. If we cannot then we can start by slowing down to understand what I am talking about. Then we can manage time wisely giving us more time to BE instead of doing. We can begin to let go of ego and through that ego driven mind. Here are some steps:

First manage time, then in time let go of it altogether

We can create space for peace of mind if we can learn to manage time. Setting time aside for checking mail or phone calls and not be continually texting or emailing back and forth for no real reason but for a mere distraction of ourselves. Set aside time for communication, set aside time for things that needed doing and pay attention not to be distracted by the gadgets and the fun that they hold. If we need fun time with the gadget set aside time for this so our mind is at peace with things. Otherwise, we will find it almost impossible to slow down and breathe as the mind is continuously planning or running many things that needed doing while we are relaxing.That means we are not really relaxing.

Remember, whatever the mind tells us does not matter. If our mind is running, the body cannot really relax. If we think sitting down or lying down while the mind is on a roller coaster is relaxing that is not true, in this state the body will not relax or rejuvenate properly.

I wanted to mention here that when we have got control over this situation, we don't need to have things like this to manage our self.. which is at this state... our mind. When we are where we are free from mind to a certain level, we will automatically know what to do and when to do it.

Become conscious of our thoughts and actions

This is quite a difficult concept for some. If we really need to take control of ego and the mind then paying attention to mind, paying attention to its thoughts and what it really thinks is important otherwise the mind, the tool will run us down, which it is already doing for most on this planet. Ego and this distorted mind are the reason for our pain and lack of peace and joy so pay attention now if you really want to be free of this pain.

Most people are not conscious of themselves. Their mind is running and they have gone offline..meaning their consciousness is off-line or they are unconscious of their thoughts and the actions that come out of it. Same as their emotional reaction to things as they have no control over it. They are unconscious and something has come out and expressed itself. When they become conscious for a brief moment, they wonder what did they say or what did they do. They are ashamed of what they have become. So become conscious now so we are not run by something else.

Watch our ego

Most of the desires we have are ego desires, the desire to dominate, control and acquire are to sustain ego. If we begin to pay attention we will see greed as the underline reason for many. Begin to see what is the motivation for our thoughts. Ego is in the driver seat for many and we are not even aware that something foreign that has taken control of us. So we must be aware of this foreign identity that got created from childhood and not let it control our lives anymore. Watch your desires and needs. What are they? What is the underline motive behind them?

If there is fear then that is ego fear, not ours

Watch in what way fear arises within us. Begin to understand the underlining reason for this. Understand that it is coming from ego, not from our true self; the eternal self of ours do not have fears, it is free of them. Ego creates fears and it also creates lack, limitations, and many other distortions. Most of these are mind made what ifs, future projections. We can understand and face this fear instead of hiding from it or giving in to it. Also, remember if we are seeking to control, that means we are in fear of something.. Read this post.. and this post.

Prioritize things

What is most important and what is least important? Think about it. You are the highest priority!, Your spiritual evolution, your freedom from ego is the highest priority in this life. Many things that we think that we want to do or have are at a higher priority in our mind but are not really a higher priority. They are superficial things that the ego craves and push for to make them the higher priority. Learn to see them for what they are and not give them that priority, they are of a lesser priority or should not be part of our life at all.

Manage your addictions

Most of the negative habits and patterns we hold have become some sort of addiction for us. Just a simple thing like text messaging. Most cannot sit down and have a conversation or meal together without texting. They are so distracted that they don't even understand what they are doing. Some are even browsing while having a conversation with the other. One can wonder, how can a person really listen and pay attention to a communion between two people when their mind is somewhere else. There are so many addictions and negative habits that we can learn to let go of if we can pay attention to ourselves. If we are conscious of ourselves, we can notice these patterns and change them.

Use nature as a guide

Nature is the best gift we have from spirit. The piece of eternal creation is still in nature and it is holding that stillness for us in most areas of this planet. So find time to be in nature. Work with nature to get rid of the density and the mind stuff that pollute your being. Allow nature to teach you to be silent, how to surrender, how to let go and be.

Time to BE

Find more and more time for yourself. Just to be, just to contemplate, just to be in nature, just to connect with the greater self that is within you. Breathe... Find time just to breathe in between all the chaos... just let go for a moment and breathe. When we reach a place of stillness and peace, we will begin to understand what the ancient masters have talked about long ago. We will know with experience how and why time is an illusion. Why most of the things are a psychological trick, then we can begin to slowly free our self from this illusion.

We can choose to be the time bound 'tick-tock' mechanical beings or the timeless eternal beings; it's our choice.

Inspiration to write this came when my partner finally purchased a cell phone this week. The next morning he begins to receive text messages, asking for his attention from others who are constant users of text messaging. We thought of how we should manage this, and as a result, how to set up boundaries became the subject of conversation. This lead to time and time bound lies that people create for themselves.