What are we magnetizing to ourselves through resonance

Post date: Jan 9, 2016 1:59:59 AM

It's amazing how we attract things to us when we want them. It's like magic, we think of something and in a few days or months here it is in our reality. Some of us wonder how this works? This is the effects of resonance and how we create our own reality.

We are aware of the law of attraction and how we can manifest what we want with our mind and emotions. Strong feelings can have magnetic effects and that attracts what we were thinking or wanting. But sometimes this does not work as we have unconscious patterns or some other things that are resonating to counteract what we want so the magnetic effect that our thoughts have is not attracting what we have desired.

We can take this resonance to many layers and levels and explore to understand how we are affecting our lives negatively or positively through our behaviours, thoughts, emotions and life styles. Most of us are unaware and unconscious of these effects so we are letting some of the negative effects make a muck of our life.

So it's is better to understand them now and be more aware of the effects of resonance so we can make the resonance our friend and utilize the effects of this force for our own good.

The resonance does not just stop with us consciously working on it to bring something to us. This is us utilizing this force with conscious awareness but we must find out what ways we are attracting negativity to us without our awareness of it working, as it always works in us.

What really happens is when the energy within us resonates with something outside of us, we automatically magnetize that to us. We have to ask how many layers and levels of our bodies, are resonating with planetary and other levels of negativity. One area that I have been looking in to is what negative thought patterns we have and how that is magnetizing the similar thoughts, people and events to us. Then this got extended to look deep in to the density that we have created in our multidimensional bodies and how that density is magnetizing negative people, events, entities, consciousness fields, paradigms and realities to us. When we dig deep it became really scary and got me to write this post so that we are all aware of this effect.

To give you an idea, we are in the process of clearing some ancestral effects on us. To explain it more the ego created greed, desire, fear or anything that we hold within us and created architectures, programs, densities and distorted mind fields within us which is resonating with the planetary ancestral and other consciousness fields and we are magnetizing these phantom, artificial fields and creations to us because we are resonating with them. So the only way to be really free from the effects of these false creations and fields is to release the ego pattern we hold within and then that releases the rest of the distortions that were created to hold the ego patterns within us and then it automatically shifts our resonance to positive frequencies which ultimately releases the negative creations and fields being magnetized to us.

This got me to contemplate on what effects we have when we let the ego run the show for us. The more ego grows on us the more distorted patterns, architecture, mind fields and densities we create within our multidimensional bodies. All of the ego created stuff are denser so the more we give in to ego the more we resonate to that level of density on the planetary and other levels and attract or magnetize them to us.

To understand that a bit more, it is the density we have, whatever it is, that is magnetizing negative things to us. The way to be free from this is to continue to work on to clear our mind and bodies of conscious and unconscious patterns that we hold. The more we release them, the more density we drop from us and the less we are resonating with the negativity of the planet that attracts them to us.

When we say we create our own reality this is how the negativity within us magnetizes and creates havoc in our lives. We can look in to releasing density from our mind, our bodies, our thoughts, emotions, etc. These false beliefs that we have and also the separated thinking in any form creates density. Then how about the clatter in the house, the office and etc? These are all densities of some form or other; all these are effecting our manifestation of our reality as they all magnetize to us similar things. If what we are magnetizing is health, wealth happiness, goodness, love, compassion, cleanliness, etc, then that is what we manifest. If we are magnetizing negative things then that becomes our reality. The more we are aware of our self and the people and the things that we have around us the easier for us to change and release the negative resonance so that we can support the manifestation of the reality that we want.