Ego based false value systems and spirit based true value systems

Ego based false value systems and spirit based true value systems

written by Pavithra LH @

Written on December 26th 2015.

When we are on our spiritual journey, we meet all sorts of people. Some people we meet, we are happy that the exchange was over as we really felt that there was something that needs to complete with them and when that was over they are gone from our lives. Most of the times we are happy that the exchange was over.

Then again we meet others that we have great times together enjoy the moments, conversations and the company and then when the time comes we have to part as we know somewhere whatever we were doing is over we get sad. It is difficult for our emotional bodies and mind to understand this but that is what is going on with many relationships that we have in this life time as we are quickly learning and finishing our business here.

Everything is catered to bring us into alignment with our true self and the rest is just work. We have to somehow come to an understanding of this truth and surrender to this or we will continue to fight with what is obvious and create more pain and trauma in our life.

Spirit based value systems

During these exchanges with some of these people, we learn and enhance our true spirit based values. When we observe, we can see that the value system these beings use are not the value system that is most common among the people. When living these values make us feel alive, there is life and aliveness, feelings of uplifting, joy, gratitude and happiness that come out of us. Why is this we ask?

There is heart to these values, and living these values bring us joy and happiness and there is something sacred which flows out of us when we live according to these values and are around these people. Just to mention some of these values for us: Love, understanding, compassion, trust, kindness, reverence for all life, gratitude, generosity, etc...

When we look within we can see that we have been using both value systems in our life. One is ego based and the other is spirit based. So it takes a bit of time to break free from old habits, misunderstood concepts and rules and ways of life, but if we make an effort we can really get there. The more we live our true values the easier it is to get rid of the ego based false self and its expectations of mind based realities.

Heart based people seem to be more into nurturing their spirit values . Even though they do understand the importance of money in life as that is the current barter system on this planet they are not willing to sacrifice their true values to get money.

Mind based people

Then again we meet people that are hard and difficult to be with and they continue to challenge us to get us to change to their ways and expectations. They could be our partner, friends, family members, neighbors or co-worker, it does not matter. The events are being brought to show us something, to observe, to learn and understand, and then of course in some cases take actions.

The main thing that we are being asked to understand and observe is that they are in their evolutionary stage and they are not aware that they are doing something wrong to us. For them what we are and how we behave or live our life does not match their criteria of expectations that they have in their head with all the rules and boundaries.

They are not willing to change the way they think so they want us to change to their ways, period. There is no getting around it with them, every opportunity that we attempt to make them understand, to reason with is turned down. When this happens, we have to go within to find out truth and compassion for them as well as strength to stand on our ground to not let them force their way of life and distortions upon us.

If we have the ability to be strong and stand our ground with our truth and be patient and compassionate towards them, then we are not leaving any openings for them to come in and interfere with us. If we are not sure of ourselves and are not strong in our truth, then they can get in and harm us with what we are doing and interfere with our spiritual journey and life. Many of them are not willing to see or understand spiritual ideas that we bring in or express through living our life. For them that is foreign or weird so they think that something is wrong with us and if they are closer to us they want to rescue us of this weirdness and get us out of this state. So they are adamant and will not give up, unless we are strong in our truth and not let them do it, they will make every attempt to drag us down from our spiritual path. As I mentioned, from their point of view this is their truth, so they act on it.

Most of them read the spiritual books or go to church or their worshiping place, but true spiritual understanding is not really within them; they are just thoughts that they can talk about "a bit" but that's about it. They don't live it in their lives as for them that is not practical! You can't live like that in this world, this is madness, snap out of it is what they would say. But for us, this spirit driven journey is something sacred and precious and we want to find the truth and live it even though it is hard when we are in it.

For them they mostly live their life based on mind-made realities, and they analyze everything and compare it to their data-bases that they have and match and compare and agree or disagree. There is not a lot of space for spirit work to be understood or brought in.

ego and mind made value systems

For them to see that you are progressing in your life, that must be according to their mind- based rules and value systems. Some of the expected values and standard seems to be: Are you married? Is your partner from a good family?, Do they have money and status? Do you have a good Job? Based on the job are you respected in the community? Are you making good money? Do you have cool friends and families? Do you dress well and are considered cool? Are you famous or rich and make us proud as a friend, partner or family member?

The questions of: Are you happy with your job? Are you happy in your marriage? How do you make money and do you trick people in making money? Do you have self confidence issues and are you covering them with stuff? Do you feel empty, fearful and alone inside? and Are these value systems really work for us are not asked. Those questions are not that important as the money and glamour is what controls their expectations of life not true values and truth.

They don't see the changes in a being based on the spiritual values or are they happy or not, but if you are making money then you are the hero in their eyes.

So to really please them and to earn their respect you don't have to dig that deep to understand it. The money and materialism are the main factors; if you are making money even while doing spiritual work, then what you are doing is not a problem to them. Even they will ignore your spiritual comments and weirdness. For them money and glamour can bring in friends and stuff that we all need including recognition of self. It is really sad to observe this but this seems to be the case with many. They measure you up with "what you have or what you own, not what you are or who you are".

We have to understand and see where they are coming from and not be upset with them as they are still working on their evolution just as we are on ours.

Most people who live a mind based life falls in to this category and we just have to patiently wait and see how their spirit is going to wake them up in this life or not. But ultimately it's not our jobs to wake them up or change them or judge them. Our job is to be compassionate and understanding of them and be okay with whatever life they live but guard our values and not be pushed around to agree to their demands.

If you have family members on this stage of evolution, most of your explanations or pleading is not going to work. Bringing in the observer will help you to be at peace with things that are happening with them, but your job and guard is to live your truth and stand on your feet, be strong and never let them get you with anything that is not aligned to your being. Don't sacrifice your values or your journey to please them.

Guilt, shame, blame are the most vicious attack methods of the dark and they can use any one to bring us down using these as the main focal point. Any type of trickery will be based on these methods so be aware and do not let these people be used as a way to get you down.

If you know your truth and stand on it, there is nothing that they can do to get you down from your journey. Use much of your time to get rid of the ego's control on you. This is how the dark uses its fangs on your being and drags you down. The freedom and liberation of our being lies with us letting go of the false self and its mind-made expectations of life.