Moment to moment - December 2016

Post date: Dec 14, 2016 3:14:26 PM

Moment to moment - December 2016 written by Pavithra LH @

Living moment to moment, trusting moment to moment, being grateful for each moment is something that is quiet hard for us to understand, grasp or live by. But it seems to be the only way to be free from the mind made false self of ego and its continuous assault of fear and complaining.

It's never satisfied with what it has and never will. Fear, lack and limitation and most of all the emptiness it holds within is too much for it to deal with. It is a empty shell, a thought at form at one point that is attempting to live through us. The feeling of separation that it holds is too much for it to deal with.

The whole ideas of us being separate from the whole creation and be a separate entity without any connection to the source that we came from is something that is hidden within us and it is the cause of the continues existence and gradual expansion of ego, the false self. Deeper we go in to being free from this false thinking, we realize that there is a hug emptiness and a core level of fear that stems from it that keep us continue to think on same patterns. Though it seems different, it all comes from survival thinking. It is a psychological trap. The only way to free from it is to face it and see it for what it is. It is a lie. A psychological trickery.

We must come to the realization and knowingness that we are one with everything. There is no separation and when aligned with creation, we are being taken care of. So the survival mentality is something foreign that is cooked up by ego and its false reality which most of us are part of. We are the creator and the creation. We came from the same place where this universe, the starts, the trees and everything else came from and there is no separation between them. Also, they seem to exist harmoniously and are being taken care of by an unseen force. Then also, we somehow other have a feeling that these things are all interconnected to a nicely woven system that we are not able to see but surely exists in many multidimensional levels and layers. The other side, the formless and this side, the form hold the same intelligence, same consciousness. All of us in the creation and the creation itself is just another form, a change of shape to experience something different.

Knowing this truth, we must find ways to change our perspective on everything. So that we are free from this psychological lie that we believe in. To do that, we have to bring in massive quantities of trust within with the knowing that we are part of this oneness and we are being taken care of by the creation itself when we align to it and its natural laws. We have to pay attention to be align to natural laws otherwise being taken care of only work when we are in alignment to it. That means there is some work needed to be done on our part to change to be part of this which is moving in to our natural state. This must come with a knowingness and a trust which is absolute. There is no other way. This must be true to us no matter how hard or dark it gets,. If it is not working ask where am I not aligning to natural laws.( I have written a bit about natural laws in previous newsletters and blogs)

This is tricky as this false self, ego keeps bringing in fear, survival thinking and so many reasons to show us why it is not the case. It is attempting to change our perspective on things to drag us down. The view it shows us is dark and desperate but if we change our perspective on things that is not the case. That is why I say this is a psychological trickery. Our minds are being poisoned with a lie and we must free from this lie.

Gratitude is the other component that must be there. What it does is, it teaches us to be grateful for what we have, even the tiniest things we have. This is tricky, the ego asks us 'What is there to be grateful of, there is nothing that is pleasing and supporting? and the future seems so hopeless ' I was watching Karate kid IV recently and I remember the old guy saying 'Sun is shining and grass is green'. That is what exactly we have to go with. Here we are born to a creation, and we are breathing, we have a body and there is life. And you are in it and you are it. This, we must be grateful for. Grateful for who we are and our creation. Remember it is the perspective that get us here, so pay attention. You can say 'What you have is not enough and what is there to be grateful of?, there is nothing'. YES that might be true from one perspective, mostly egos distorted perspective but how are you going to face this ego that is fighting you continually and dragging you down with a false reality, a false perspective. Always check to see who is talking in your head? You or ego and who is in charge?

We are being controlled and manipulated with so many false short-lived pleasures, desires, false promises and a false reality from a wrong perspective. It says you are not happy or prosperous with this way of living, so do this or that. The more you believe this lie, the more it becomes your reality. We have already been on that road so many times and it never ends. Every times we give in, false self ego gets bigger and we get smaller. This is the phantom, the false god, its within us. Why worship it and give in to it when we know we are the gods. We are the creation and the creator, so why give in to something false?, something mind made? when we can align to our true self and attract what's naturally ours.

We have to go to the basics and find who we are. What is important to the natural creation? not the distorted illusion that we call my reality, my world. I am talking about the natural creation. We bloomed from it and we must see the beauty of it and also understand the laws and the mechanics of how it runs so we can re-aligned to it. Remember the truth, remember who we are, remember the oneness. So the basics are sun is shining grass is green and you are breathing or whatever that is true to you that is in alignment to natural creation. The natural creation is satisfied with what it has created and is content with it. Though it continually grows it is content with what it has created and is not complaining. Why are we complaining? Why can't we be content with what we have, at least the basics we have? That is the reason ego is in control. There is always something lacking for it but for us we are the creation and everything it is part of us, so nothing must lack unless we are not aligned to realize it. If we can be grateful for what we have then there is content within. From that point we can grow, improve and expend. That seems to be how nature does.

Most times, things don't go the way we want, this is the time we have to pay extra attention to being grateful for everything. And also forgive ourselves for experiencing whatever it is at that moment. Forgive ourselves and everyone else that is part of the life situation we are in. We must let go of victim-hood. We have to be truly grateful that we are breathing, we are alive and there is life force running through our bodies etc. Then look around us, there probably is a some form of shelter, a place to live, some stuff that is needed to take care of us; however minuscule that may be to our mind and ego, there is something here at this moment that is taking care of us. These are the things that we must first be grateful of at this moment. Then, we can expand this thinking to everything that we are grateful for. This action builds gratitude within for what we have that was given to us from the creation. Then we can add trust to know that we are being somehow or other taken care of at that moment. Our perspective, how we look at things are extremely important as ego will do its best to show us a different view, to hold a different perspective. But if we are to be free, we must change this perspective and continue to hang to this newly built trust, never letting it go. Moment to moment.

So, at this moment, there is something that is taking care of us, that we must trust and be grateful of. We also must know that what is taking care of is the creation itself, the creational force which we are all part of which is supporting us. The false self, ego is not letting us have what is rightfully ours by fooling us to look away from this truth. It wants our perspective changed to go after short lived pleasures instead of the real ones. The real ones are what we want, they bring us true freedom. False, short lived ones are there today gone tomorrow. And we have no control over them and they are impermanent. With them, we always live with a fear that they might leave us or be taken away by somebody of something.

At first, when we hold this trust, we can do it for this moment only as ego will show us the past and the future and tell us there is no future for us and also we made so many mistakes and look at the past. It's all a mess so do what it says so you can be free. Can you see? This is your false god. It wants you to believe in it and follow it. It gives you escape routes. But those routes are booby trapped as what it wants you to do is fall. Fall from who you are. So it can trap you to be its slave for the rest of your life. Why give in to the false god. Most of the escape routes that it gives you, are there to get you to continue to go after short lived life pleasures without real freedom: there you become a slave to those desires and to your ego. If you really look you can see. It is greedy, cunning, masterful and tactful. And will use anything and anyone to get what it wants, including you. It does not matter what or who it is. It uses everyone and everything to get what it wants. Your pain or someone else's pain is not a problem as it has its goals set on big stuff. Big, fluffy fantasy stuff that never comes true and even if they do they don't last long. Also we must understand, pain and fear are ego emotions not of our true self but ego has convinced us when there is pain it is our pain. So we work so hard to get rid of it, we will do anything ego wants us to do to be in this fantasy world, to be happy. But happiness is a state of mind that means we can change our mind state, our perspective and be happy.

We have to find ways and things that make us happy each moment. We must change our perspective. This is crucial. Our perspective is the key. Most of the times these things that we are grateful of and are happy for are simple things that are freely available to us. Seeing the sun rise, walking on a beach, listening to the sound of waves rushing to the shore, feeling the breeze, playing with animal friends, being alive, having true relationships, a smile etc; are the natural things that we must learn to derive joy from. Those little things and moments are priceless and those are the ones that we must use in every moment to bring us joy, peace and be content with. This is how we change our perspective. When we slow down to experience them, there is joy rising within us that is what we can use as a buffer for egos misery and continues dragging and unhappiness. Egos view on things are not pleasant however bigger the place we are in. That is why I keep reminding myself and to us all, the perspective is what we need to pay attention to and change by moment to moment.

The moment to moment trust give us the confidence to trust this moment and to know that we are being taken care of at this moment and when the next moment arrives something will unfold and we are being taken care of at the moment. This is a big change for us from competitive me against the world, controlling life styles to trusting the creation, spirit, god whatever the label we use. Basically trusting ourselves and what made us. Remember, we must do our best to align to natural laws in order for the laws to take care of us. This way the fear of not being able to be where we want to be and the survival fear are slowly released from our minds as we are attempting to always focus on the now moment and trusting it.

If we are in a place where we don't clearly see how things are going to be for us in the future and our perspective is clouded with fear or we don't like where we are. Remember, one thing is for sure, ego is on the driver seat driving us mad asking us to abandon all hope and wants us to do what it says. It wants us to give our power to it, the false god. We must be extra careful on these moments to live by moment to moment: be present in the now. Bring in massive amounts of trust and trusting the creation and creational force, the spirit right here and right now. If we really look at it. At this moment we have a place to live and food to eat etc. And there is a reason we are here at this moment in time, trust that! This is good enough for you at this moment. Trust this moment. With that trust you can feel and you are safe and alive in this moment. We must learn to trust our guidance and understand the purpose of our existence which is we are here to spiritually evolve. Trust this moment. When the next moment arrives that too will be okay, likewise when the future arrives whatever that need happening will happen at that moment. Look within and seek guidance to know why you are here and what lessons you need to learn to move on. See why you feel the way you feel. If you really feel stuck and there is nothing else to do then be okay with it and simply be.

We must trust this inner knowing and live with it, if we are to be truly free from ego. Otherwise it will give us a list of things that is not good enough in our lives and get us to change our perspective to bring in fear, lack and limitations. If we believe this fallacy then we are trapped in Egos web of lies and have changed our perspective on life situations. Then we feel stuck, unhappy and limited. We feel victimized by an outside force and we have no power in this way of thinking. So we say we must take control, take actions to correct this situation. So we make decisions to do what ego wants. This is how it derails us from our true path to a false path fills with ego driven short lived pleasures and materialistic bliss. This is how ego blinds us and take us away from spirit and its natural guidance system.

But if we can learn to be grateful and trust this natural force then we are more surrendering to life situations instead of fighting them and losing faith in who we are and what we have within and around us. We must always seek to align with natural laws and be part of this force, receiving its guidance to live a life of peace and harmony.

Then we get the question,' What about the things we can change in our life?, how about improvements?' Surrendering and living moment to moment and being grateful for what we have are all there to support us to be align to natural creation at this moment. When we are aligned to the creation and its laws, it will teach us where or what we can improve in our life style, life situation without falling for ego traps. There is always a wiser way to do things by being patient, trusting and allowing the creational force to work through us. Also there is a way to give in to fear and ego and lose patience, and fall for its traps. Choice is ours. There is a cause and effect to every actions we take.

Those who want to plan things ahead and have huge expectations of those plans being fulfilled exactly as they were planed and are not willing to waver from those plans have a hard time with this concept. As they are dead set in achieving what they want and are most of the time controlled by their ego and its desires. They say let me take control of this situation and do as I want. These people are not letting the natural force guide them to a more fulfilling destination as they are not patient enough to listen, yield and be aligned to natural laws. They want things easy way. They are impatient, ego driven and are not willing to pay the price to achieve what they want. There is always a price to pay, meaning there are some things we need to learn and some things we must do to get what we want but ego is impatient and are not willing to wait for the natural creation to happen. It wants to force things and make things happen the way it wants. But nature is patient and has its own plans and lessons. We must learn this if we are to be free of ego traps. You might say, you are crazy this trusting and being patient is not working for me, let's take control of the situation and live the way we want. But who is controlling and forcing the way it wants? Is it you or the ego? Also, if we really look at it, we can't control anything. Its lie we tell ourselves.

There are ups, downs and even sometimes stopping or taking us side ways to teach us life lessons that we need to learn as we take this journey. If we are patient and trusting, ultimately this force take us to our true destination while allowing us to fulfil our purpose here on earth. Those who are not willing to yield to natural force and don't have this understanding and knowing gets hits hard with the rocks of life situations and wonder why this happened to them.

We must understand that we create our own world, our reality from the state of consciousness we are in. If we have a perception of negative view then that is the world we create with separation, fear and survival. But if we have changed our perception to a positive view of the world then that is what we create.

If we are willing, we can be patient and see why we are here at this moment facing certain life situation. Then that way we can learn why we are there and fulfill that purpose or lesson we are there to learn or fulfill, however hard or time consuming that may be. There is always a reason to life situations that we face; we just have to find them and trust and surrender. When we are needed to take actions we are guided, shown what to do and how to do that as well. This way there is an ebb and flow to our journey and we simply become with lots of patient of cause trusting travellers of life's journey.

Even though we have future plans, we must be willing to adjust them so that we can take a true journey with the natural forces. But if we are impatient and controlling then we face a forced, hit hard, painful journey with ego where the destination is not what we want but what it wants. And our purpose in life is not fulfilled. We must learn to understand and align to natural creational force that is within all of us and this creation. To do that we must move in to the space of trusting and living moment to moment.