Scientist and the alchemist

Post date: Aug 4, 2016 3:40:25 AM

Scientist and the alchemist There is not a big difference between a scientist who performs a science experiment and a spiritual alchemist that performs an alchemical process. The only difference is that one is working in the inner realms while the other in the outer realms which can be seen as working from different points of view. One is working with the unseen, intangible, while the other with the seen and tangible. The spiritual process that most of us go through can be looked at as an alchemical process. Just like turning lead into gold we are going through a process of alchemy. There are many levels of alchemy, some go through mind transformation while the others go through both mind and body transformation. In this case, the unseen, intangible things are the ingredients and understanding of the natural laws of the cosmos and our minds and bodies are the components where we turn ourselves into gold. This is a complex process that involves many steps, conditions and different ingredients on the way to attaining this. We will begin to see a glimmer within us once in awhile as we go along and test our theories. We experience something different every time we go through another level of alchemy. This transformation requires the understanding of spiritual laws and being in alignment with them.

Sometimes, we are placed in seclusion to perform another level of transformation. In these times, many including our egos will fight against the process as part of the transformation is neutralizing ego and it's unnecessary materialistic attachments to the world of things and thought. This is the time our friends, families, and our ego selves resist and complain that they want freedom from all these restrictions that are being forced upon them. They want this done their way; preferably not hindering with their life that they have been living so comfortably (not so). There are many barriers and resistances that we face as we go through our journey.

One of them that comes up often is that the person who goes through this process is not anymore a son, a daughter, a father, a mother, a sister or a brother of anyone who claims to have ownership of them. This is ego fears talking through them. These people are no longer anyone's, they belong to this great force that is taking them on this journey of awakening. They belong to God or in another word Eternal spirit. If we think they belong to us because they are our 'so and so' and they must do as we think, then we are going against the forces of nature. This is against a natural alchemical process and against a natural spiritual evolution that each and every one of us must go through at one point in time. It is inevitable, no one is excluded. Whether it be this lifetime or another it will come for us as it has come for them as our spirit wants us awakened to this truth. It wants all of us to be free.

But as the people close to us go through this process, we forget all of this and fear creeps in. All reasons fail to explain why they allow themselves to go through this painful process. We especially forget that this is an alchemical process and one must go through part of their spiritual evolution and also that there are some conditions that need to be met for this to work. For example planetary or cosmic alignments and the energy changes in planet grids etc. Just like in a science experiment, it needs certain conditions and some restraint. The lab needs to be cleaned, the area needs to be secured, and no interference from others who are unaware of the process. Also, the ingredients must be gathered and placed or prepared in a certain order. Without all this how can a scientific experiment bring in the required results? If we miss the perfect condition then we have to do it again and again till we make it work. This is the same case with alchemy, everything must be in a certain order and sometimes the subjects must be isolated; certain thinking and ways of life must be lived to obtain the required results.

For ours and others ego, all this is confusing and whatever the reason we give falls on deaf ears. They demand that we give up or do it their way. This request is not truly aligned to any of their greater selves. This way is ego's way coming from fear and desire to control. Most of all they are not aware who is running the show for them with those demands. Even sometimes we are not aware of ego effects in us and so complain. It is the ego within all of us that is scared to be burned in this process. The spirit within knows the process and is guiding us through. They say we are crazy to do this as there are no tangible financial or otherwise benefits from this. That may be so from one point of view but what is the purpose of our existence?. Also, if we truly dig deep, are we happy and at peace with the life we live? We all know the answer.

If we really look at what is going on from a scientific point of view, even though the process and the results are intangible to many who are only seeing from the materialistic and tangible point of view that does not mean the process is not working. It is working in the eyes of the eternal spirit and the ones who can see the inner realms.

Science and spiritual alchemy are the same if we begin to change our perspective. Both bring forth results if we can have the patience to see, understand and go through it. Scientists believe in certain laws and believe that if they make a certain combination of ingredients and change things in a certain way then they may achieve what they hope for. There is a certain level of faith in it, both are working to prove what they believe. They believe in certain laws, some of which are universal laws. Spiritual alchemists believe in natural laws that govern the cosmos and with that they expand their understanding, change their thinking beliefs and values;, as well as change their way of life and how they live it.

All this is part of alchemy. Though we cannot measure our moral values or expanded awareness through test tubes or scales like the scientists do, there is something inside that is slowly beginning to show itself. It is the amount of freedom, peace, and humility that comes through us which are mostly inner achievements and are intangible to many. Though after some time these inner changes begin to manifest in the outer realm of the material world in the form of a changed person. The result is the peaceful, loving and calm person that is not wavering in the stormy waters while others are struggling to survive. Also, they might reach higher levels within the material realms because of their inner changes which by now have reached the level where that can be seen in the outer realms. But we must remember that this does not come automatically or by luck for these people; this needs hard work and the following of inner guidance. They have participated in a spiritual alchemical process to be who they are now.

From a certain point of view, those who go through the process of inner alchemy and transform their mind and body are no different than a scientist. They have figured out the laws and are living by them through their thoughts and life. In a way they are the experiment. At this modern age, we can call them spiritual scientists.