What is Emotional Dumping

What is Emotional Dumping?

Written on July 25, 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ Starcrystalportal.com

We are all working hard to get through so many lies, deceptions, illusions that are placed in front of our path, through thousands of years of patterns, genetics, societal, planetary problems and many other events. Effects of these things cause us emotional imbalance and mental difficulties, causing us to be unstable or just flat out go crazy. But we cannot direct that anger, imbalance and emotional drama towards another person or collect it all in one big talk or letter and give it to someone else to take care of it. Filling that exchange with so much negativity, pain and suffering makes the other person throw up.

Even when you are not sensitive you might have experienced this kind of interaction with people and remember feeling tired, drained and confused and wanting to get rid of those memories and thoughts running in your head about wanting to solve other people's problems and experiencing their pain and suffering or wanting to eat so much food so you can feel good again while wondering why am I eating so much food today? If the person is sensitive, this gets amplified so much that they feel the slime, the pain in parts of the body or emotional pain, anger, hate and all the rest of it plus the entity just jumped in to your field. It is not a fun space to be in. We call it vomiting or slimming or just simply plain dumping shit.

Do you have friends or relatives who does this to you? You are their best friend and you feel such a connection to them, there is something there that you can't put your finger on. They might say after talking to you, that they feel so much better, you make them feel good you are their best friend in need. Yes they are feeling better after talking to you, they just emptied all their shit on to you and might have sucked your light and now they feel better and they can go and get some things done, while you are struggling to get rid of it. Most people don't know this kind of abuse, they think this it is a normal relationship. I remember in the past before I was awaken I had a few friends like that, they would spend so much money just to make a phone call to me or meet with me so they can talk to me because it's important, or so I thought, and so they thought too. But what's going on is this person is not taking responsibility for their self, their actions, their thoughts, they just want someone else to take care of them for them, they want someone else to take away their pain and shit while they just complain and complain. Well, I was happily allowing this to happen.

This is something we all need to keep an eye on in all of our relationships. If we have one or a few; see why you are allowing this to happen, there is a reason for this. What is the exchange, what is the role you two are playing and what is the cost of this to you? Sometimes this is a pattern you need to simply break and not let the person do this to you any more or sometimes it goes deep in to unconscious archetypal role playing.

If it is an archetypal role then see how you can heal this within fully, so this does not happen to you again. Or else you might drop the friend and move on to find another person to play the same role with. When you heal this fully you will automatically not let this happen to you again as well as your friend or relative in question might all of a sudden lose interest in you. It seem you two no longer have that connection.

This is a good practice to have in interacting with others either e-mail or in person, so we do not harm the person or vampire their energies. We are all here to heal, work and grow together, loving and forgiving each other as much as we can. So this is another lesson to learn in energetics to reach your energetic mastery.

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