Ego based false values and eternal values - January 2016

Post date: Jan 12, 2016 12:00:22 AM

Ego based false values and spirit based eternal values - January 2016

written by Pavithra LH @

When we are on our spiritual journey, we meet all sorts of people. With some, we feel that there was something that needed to be completed with them and when that was over they left our lives. we observe we understand that there was something missing with some of these exchanges, there was an emptiness that we felt with them that we couldn't understand.

However hard we try to meet them to make a true connection, we were not able to do that unless we break our moral values and ethics as their expectation of us was not in alignment with our values. Through these exchanges we learn many lessons of who we are, what our true values are and what we should and should not do as their behaviours continue to challenge us to be something we are not. Most of the times we are happy that the exchange was over and we part with the lessons we have learned.Then again, we meet others who we have great times with, enjoying the moments, conversations, the company and then when the time comes for us to part, we know within whatever we were doing is over, we get sad. It is difficult for our emotional bodies and mind to understand this but that is what is going on with many relationships that we have in this lifetime as we are quickly learning and finishing our business here.

Everything is catered to bring us into alignment with our true self. We have to somehow come to an understanding of this truth and surrender to this or we will continue to fight for what is obvious and create more pain and trauma in our life.

Eternal values

During these exchanges with some of these people, we learn and enhance our true spirit based eternal values, morals, and ethics. When we observe, we can see that the value system these people use is not the same value system that is most common among us.

Living these values make us feel alive. There is life and aliveness, feelings of uplifting joy, gratitude, and happiness that come out of us. Why is this, we ask?

There is heart to these values. Living these values bring us joy and happiness and also there is something sacred which flows out of us, this is our eternal spirit coming through us and expressing itself. When we experience this feeling, we want more of it, as we begin to remember who we are.

So what are these spirit based values? Well, some of them that we use daily are love, understanding, compassion, trust, kindness, reverence for all life, gratitude, generosity, etc...

Ego values

Living ego based false values make us cold, dry and sick. As they are made to poison eternal spirit and heart while feeding the ego with its survival needs. They are viruses that destroy the being. The more we live to fulfill ego based values the more empty, sad, fearful and lonely we feel within. When we live this way, without us knowing, we are slowly giving up our eternal self and making ego our god. What we acquire with ego desires are there to cover up what we are feeling within, ego fear and pains. These fears and pains are not allowing us to remember and see who we truly are. False gods never free us, they drag us down and consume our life force.

What are these ego-based values? This can be anything that the ego desires to keep it alive, to cover up its insecurity. Mostly its glimmer, vanity, status, money and materialistic stuff that make the ego feel worthy, solid and secure.

To get these "the way the ego wants", we have to sacrifice our values, morals, and ethics. We put our true eternal values behind to embrace greed, jealousy, competition, cunningness, lies, deceptions, manipulation, omitting truth, trickery, etc. These are poisons to the eternal spirit so the more we practice them the more ego begins to rise within and the more we lose our touch with spirit causing our light to get dimmer.

Why not have both?

People that are more aligned to their hearts seem to be more into nurturing their spirit values, their ethics and morals are at their forefront with whatever they do. Even though they understand the importance of money, materialistic stuff and knowledge in this world, but they are not willing to sacrifice their true values, morals, and ethics to get them. They are patient, allowing and understanding of what is most important to them, they have an understanding of their priorities and are not giving in to ego needs that drag them down from who they are. They are reaching their success in life while living spirit values. If that is the case, then what makes us sacrifice our values to reach our success when we know we can have both while living spirit values? Why give in to ego and lose our spirit?

Mixed up values

In time, we come to understand that ego is something that we get by being born to this planet. Over the time, it begins to grow within us and begin to take control of us. This planet has both value systems, one inner, one outer because of that there is always a schism within many. The good guy and the bad guy on both shoulders telling us what to do and what not to. Over time with external influence, experiences and ego manipulations and demands, we begin to choose one side more than the other to make it easy for us and go on with our lives without knowing that every time we give into false values we are poisoning ourselves.

You see, we have our true values and false values mixed up. We must understand this and get our priorities straightened then bring our true values to the forefront and live from them. Also remembering to not sacrifice our true values for false values that are dressed up as good guys. That is the trickery of the dark and it comes in many forms and is always looking to find a way in to get us. So be vigilant. It takes a bit of time to understand which is which and then to break free from old or misunderstood habits, concepts, priorities, mind made fantasies, rules and ways of life, but if we make an effort we can really get there. We must use the spirit based value system as our guard and immunize our being with it, so the moment a virus enters, we can recognize it immediately and neutralize it.

Ego based values

A person who lives to satisfy their ego needs and who has made ego their god, lives a life where their expected value system from themselves and others are mostly materialistic; status, vanity, and glamor. This stuff is more important to them than spirit values. For them to see that you are progressing in your life, it must be according to their ego based rules and value systems. The question of what you have is the most important factor? Based on that question, some of the expected values and standards seems to be: Are you making good money? Do you have cool friends and family? Do you dress well and are considered cool? Are you famous or rich and make us proud as a friend, partner or family member? Based on the job and money, are you respected in the community?

The questions of Are you happy with your yourself? Are you happy with your job? Are you happy in your marriage? Do you make money morally and ethically? Do you have self-confidence issues and are you covering it with stuff? Do you feel empty, fearful and alone inside? and Do these value systems really work for us? are not asked. Those questions are not as important as the money, status, glamor, and stuff. This is what controls their expectations of life, not true values and truth.

They don't see the changes in a being based on spiritual values. If the person is happy or not is not important. If you are making money then you are the hero in their eyes. To really be valuable in their eyes, you don't have to dig that deep to understand it. The money and materialism are the main factors; if you are making money even while doing spiritual work, then what you are doing is not a problem to them. Even they will ignore your spiritual comments and weirdness. For them, money and glamor can bring in friends and stuff that "they think" is what we all need. They measure you up with "what you have or what you own, not what you are or who you are".

Many read spiritual books or follow a religion, but somehow or other true spiritual understanding is not with them; they are just thoughts that they can talk about "a bit" but that's about it. They don't live it in their lives as for them that is not practical! You can't live like that in this world, this is madness, snap out of it is what they would say. But for us, this spirit driven journey is something sacred and precious and we want to find the truth and live it even though it is hard when we are in it.

It is not our job to wake them up, change them or judge them. Our job is to be compassionate and understanding of them and be okay with whatever lifestyles they chose as we know we are all at different stages of awareness on this spiritual journey making progress in our own time and ways. But we must be vigilant in guarding our values and not be pushed around to agree to the demand of others that are under the influence of ego. We must live our truth. We must be strong and never let others get us with anything that is not aligned to our eternal values that we hold. Don't sacrifice your values or your journey to please them.

Laws that were written to support humans

In the old days when many of the laws were written, like the declaration of independence or any other laws in support of human beings and their freedom; they were written by individuals who held eternal values in their hearts. They went through many difficulties, sometimes they had to fight many forces that were opposed to freedom to bring us these laws and values. But over time, the ego-based value system became the god for people. Now they are manipulating these laws to their advantage with their intellectual reasoning and cunningness to control humans. Some of the ego driven lawmakers are making new laws that take away people's freedom while reasoning what they are doing is for the good of humans. They lie, deceive and omit truths in the name of their false god, ego.

Enter another world with eternal values and laws

While on our spiritual journey we are taught many things by our eternal spirit. It teaches us to see clearly what is going on in this world, what is true and what is not. What is really going on with us and what is hidden with us that is causing many traumas and much pain? What is the role of ego in our lives and over time how to tame it and be free of it? Why we must take responsibility for our self and how to do it. What are eternal values and how supportive they are to us in this journey and why it must be our priority to live a life that is aligned with them?

Over time, we begin to realize the need to be free from ego as it is the main culprit that traps us in falsehoods and illusions. To do that we must be willing to live according to the laws and values of the eternal spirit. When we do that slowly we begin to see how the spirit is taking care of us.

These are our biggest lessons of mastery over the illusions of this reality. Full alignment with the spirit and its laws. When we are in alignment with these eternal values and the laws, then through that we move into another world, a world within world where we are connected to the spirit and oneness and the natural flow. This world has different laws and values and when we are aligned to them we begin to notice that we are being protected, guided, supported and assisted to live our truth. We also understand that the rules and laws of this 3D world do not work with this new world. If we attempt to live by ego expectations or values we get stopped. Nothing of ego works for us there so we begin to change our priorities, our way of thinking and expectations to align with these new laws. Basically, ego and dark cannot survive in this world as it consists of different laws and values. These are the cosmic laws that govern the eternal creation.

Living this way, we align to and become children of the cosmos.......with no boundaries and no separations. With this understanding we can drop all ancestry, race, genetics, bloodlines, creeds, class system, religion and anything and everything that binds us, and that separates us from one another and oneness.

In this world, our thoughts become loving and caring, our actions become inspired actions, our mind begins to slow down. There is calmness and peace.

What happens when ego is in the driver seat

When we lose these eternal values and embrace the ego based value system then the ego within starts to grow bigger and begin to take control of our mind and body. This allows the dark to inhibit certain parts of the body until it gets full control of the body. The more ego takes control of us the more we lose our connections to our eternal spirit that lives within us. Through that we lose the connection to the natural flow of the oneness that we are all part of, then we feel more alone and isolated and fearful. The more the ego is in control the more we lose the love and the less we care for each other and nature. This all happens without us noticing that much as we are continually on the go to fulfill ego needs, the hunger, the greed of ego and the dark entities that have inhabited our body. The more we lose the eternal spirit the more the dark gets control of the body. There are so many people who are fully or partially under the control of dark.

All this is because of us forgetting who we are and what our true eternal values and letting this false-self pretending to be us manipulate and control us.

We can find the basics in religion

Most of the religions on earth in one form or another have mentioned the need for us to live the life according to these true values. They have written down basic principles to help us build a strong foundation with them and live with these laws as our guiding system so the ego control over us is limited or dissolved over time. Ego driven minds and other influences have misread or distorted these teachings so what we are reading now is mostly not the original teachings. Since then some of us have lived the distorted version of these principles while others have completely ignored them. Ultimately, we have ignored living according to these principles and true values and have allowed the rise of ego within us and on this planet. Most of the crimes on this planet are done through the manipulation of ego. The fear, separation, survival, boundaries, class system, race or religious superiority that usurp, manipulate and control the lesser cultures, races, countries, for ego desires, greed, vanity, etc.. All coming from ego and its need to survive and control us and use our bodies and the planet for dark agendas. We are the food for the dark and ego. Us allowing it to live in us and fill its emptiness through us is like hosting a parasite and letting it control us throughout our lives. If we keep feeding this parasite finally it will take control over us and our souls. It's time to cease worshiping a false god.

With this understanding, we can use much of our time to get rid of ego's control on us. Ego is the reason how the dark uses its fangs on our being and drags us down. The freedom and liberation of our being lies with us following our spirit and letting go of the false self, ego and its mind-made expectations of life.

The foundation teachings from Buddhism might be of use to us as we look to find principles to build a foundation. But we must take responsibility for ourselves and what we are practicing, choosing and understanding the truth of all this so we don't get dragged down with some of the distortions that come with many religions.

Buddha's teachings talk about Four noble truths( Chathurarya sathya) that ask us to understand the nature of our reality and why we create pain in our lives and how we can be free from pain. The how is to take on a path, Nobel eight fold path (Arya ashtangika margaya) that holds certain principles that can assist us in building our foundation with eternal values.

After reading all this, the question we have to ask ourselves is what way of living offers more freedom to us.

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