Intellect and wisdom

Post date: Dec 27, 2015 11:22:36 PM

Most of the problems of the planet are being solved by the intellects among us and we think that they can bring us the solutions. We support the scientists, politicians, lawmakers, professionals and many other intellectuals that are bringing in ideas and solutions that can be supportive to the planet. The latest being that the intellects who are being gathered and given authority to create a new system to help save the planet of "human-created" carbon foot print. The solution being to tax the people who are using the resources and use that money to create a system that will use more renewable resources, like solar power, geo-thermal energy, burning waste, electrical systems, etc. There are many discussions, agreements, disagreements and good ideas and plans that are coming from all kinds of people. Most of them are from the intellects on this planet we consider to be the highest among us that can bring in the solutions and save us. They are mostly intellectual men and women, not wise men and women.

Intellect is like a lawyer, it can argue for both good and bad sides. It is coming from the head and if the mind made false self, the ego, gets a hold of it, it uses it to bring in fame, fortune, greed and other ego desires instead of aligning to what is right and what it wrong. We can see this effect with many people who believed that they are doing the right thing for the world but if you really look at it, they are simply intellectuals and their reach of understanding of humans or the planetary condition reaches only to a limit.

They cannot connect to the heart that much to feel the nature and humans deeply, they only can access the surface of the heart and that is not enough to bring in a better future for humanity. The work that they do is half done as if they do some work in support of the people or planet but it is done with limited awareness without the deepness of the heart, without the feeling of the oneness. So their actions will be like fixing an oil leak in the car because they want to use the car to drive or to sell it when the time comes; there is no true feeling for the car. This is how we fix problems on this planet at this moment, with a limited awareness from the head without the spirit. We cannot go on like this forever, our solutions we create at this moment for the people and the planet are not really supportive to us as a race. We are already de-generating and destroying the planet and the people with this thinking. We must bring in the wisdom that is needed to really see the truth and act on it to support people and planet.

When it comes to wisdom the being is aligned to the Eternal spirit or God and then what comes out of that is supportive to all parties that are involved. To receive the wisdom of God we must rid of the ego from our being. The more we are free from ego the more the connection between our heart and head strengthens and through that alignment, the spirit flows through our heart gifting us with the wisdom of God. The more we are free from self the more we can get the wisdom of God.

Most parts of our spiritual evolution involve us understanding the ego and getting rid of it so the spirit can guide us in our life. We can see the ego dismantling happening within us in many stages and it is really hard for a person to go through this process as we are so used to having the false self as part of our life which has been running our life through its desires and mind made fantasies.

When the dismantling begins at any stage, we ask the same question: Why is this happening to me and what am I not seeing? What we are not seeing is another level of the ego that needs to be removed for us to go through the next stage of our evolution and so whatever hit us is there to show us what we need to understand and release.

We have heard people talk about the dark night of the soul process, which is another word for ego dismantling. This is very common among the light workers as they begin to experience this process almost immediately when they get the call to wake up. When we come out of that process and begin to feel the lightness we think that is over. No, that is not the case, this process has many levels and when one phase is over and we reach a level where we need to move on to another step of spiritual evolution in the ladder, we get pushed to release the next level of the ego.

This process continues until we are fully free of the ego and the false self. This is where we reach the self-less stage, where the Eternal spirit or the God self is in full control of the flesh of the being. Full dismantling of the self is done at quiet a higher stage of the ascension ladder, or the stairway to heaven. So don't worry, when you get there you'll get the guidance or if you did not listen, you'll get forced to be rid of this self one way or the other. There is no escape at that level as your spirit is mostly in control of your being.

But it is wise to understand this process and know that you will reach there in time and begin to participate in the process and get rid of the ego and the false self as fast as you can.

Ego is scared of this awakening process that we go through as it knows it will die through this process, so it will fight and find any and every excuse to be free from this. You can take the long road which takes time and so much pain or take the easy road by understanding these facts and have a willingness to participate with it.

Throughout our existence, we have picked up so many mind-made, stories, concepts, ideas and distorted beliefs that are hidden in so many layers of our multidimensional bodies that we are not really aware of them all. Also there are many aspects and sub-personalities that believe these lies and are trapped in those spaces. The more we are aware of the main cause of this, which is the belief of separation from God, the easier for us to understand this distortion and be free from it.

The self-less stage is something where we are no longer bound by the desires of the ego and the desires of the flesh and are free to live in this form but are free from the boundaries that the self creates to trap the spirit. This space opens up the heart center and merges the heart and head, bringing in the God self or Eternal spirit in to this world. In this space the being experiences unconditional love without any boundaries. This is part of our task: inspire to be a path cutter to bring in a better future for humanity and this planet. Inspire to be selfless beings who are handing the reins to the next generation, offering them a better future.


Love , Pavithra