Learn to Think for Ourselves

Learn to think for our self.

Written in May 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ Starcrystalportal.com

One of the most of important things for us to do is, learn to think for our selves. To take information from all kinds of sources and make an informed decision that is in alignment to our highest good.

This is hard these days as people are used to being told what to do and waiting for someone else to tell them what do. We got to break this pattern and start to learn to think for our self.

When we are children we are innocent ,trusting and we begin to take information from our parents to teach us and tell us what to do in our life. And then this pattern went on to school, institutions, governments, politicians, religion, doctors and so on. During this process most of us seem to miss something, the ability to think for our self, to make an informed decision by taking all in but without being manipulated by any outside source. The ability to listen to our inner self, our guidance, our own self telling us that some of these things are in alignment to our values or not. But many of us seems to keep on going as if everyone else out there knows more than us and we should respect them for their position and take the information without thinking twice. We listen to teachers, doctors, institutes, media, politicians and many other sources because they should know more and we should listen to them. Is that true in your life, think about it?

In your current life how many of these beings have truly assisted you in your life? Does all those stories the politician told you or the media is telling you, are they true, do they support you or do they harm you and your family? I think we should really look at this subject and work on it every day to see how many stories people tell us are in for our highest good, or if we are just taking it in as true without thinking twice.