Hurry is a manifestation of fear

Post date: Mar 15, 2016 8:58:13 PM

Most of us that run through life thinks that we have to hurry in life or we might be late. The reason behind hurry is always some form of fear. Ego fears control us in many areas of life and one of the areas that it interferes with our peace of mind is by manifesting its fear through hurry in any situation. When we are in a hurry, if we dig deep, we can see that there is always a fear of losing something, fear of not getting something done in time etc.. That means we have lost faith to a limit in our self and eternal spirit who is guiding us on our way and are listening to the ego. To cure this fear we have to bring in surrender and faith. Faith is the power that holds the fear out of the way. If the wolves are barking at the door, then the strong door is the one that keeps them away. The more you have faith the stronger the door becomes. When they can't open the door the wolves will get tired and go away.

Surrender helps to bring in faith and keep us calm and at peace. By surrendering, we surrender our fear to the spirit with faith that the "imagined" problem will be taken care of. Also, we can surrender to the fact that there is an issue, meaning we acknowledge the fact that there is a feeling of emergency. When we do that we will notice that the hurry is something that we have self-created with some form of fear. Also, the reason we are in fear is that we are in either future or past thinking what will happen or what has happened both are not supporting to us as we are not living in the present moment. When we are in the present we can look at the situation and deal with it but if we are in future what might happen or what has happened then we are not doing justice to ourselves. So when we surrender we surrender the future or past issue and the entanglement to it and deciding to live in this moment. Living by moment to moment bring us more peace than we can imagine as we are not continually projecting to future or the past and losing time and energy we have been given to live now. Read surrender and surrendered action post.

The more faith we have the easier for us to see and understand the fear that's created within and take actions immediately before it take us over. Then bring in surrender to neutralize the ego created fear. The more I surrender the more I notice ego losing its footing. Remember when we surrender ego cannot survive in that state.