Light switch on and off

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 6:03:21 PM

Light switch on and off

Most of the time our mind goes on to two states, one conscious and the other unconscious. We think both states are normal..but the unconscious states is not normal this is where the mind virus or the artificial mind is at work. Let me explain this more....

When we are conscious, we feel things, we see things, we know things, we are more aware of things around us and of ourselves. We are present...we are here now.... But when we are non-conscious or unconscious then we are not here in the present. We might think we are here but we have just gone into a fantasy world, a mind made place and are experiencing something there. In most cases we go to the past by accessing memories and re-live it or we project to the future and live there but both things are done using the mind. When we do that we lose the present, we lose now but is that all we lose. NO!

This is where we need to be aware of the mind virus, the artificial or distorted mind within us. It is like a parasite it is always hungry and wants to eat. It 'eats' by 'thinking' and make copies of itself and expand its dominion in our multidimensional bodies. The more we think the bigger it gets and the more control it has over us. When we go unconscious that means it is in control now, it is using our mind to create more distortions. The more it creates the more of ourselves we lose; we lose our energy, consciousness, time and our body to this virus, or the artificial mind. There are fields and fields of these distorted mind fields on our multidimensional bodies. These fields are dense and feels like metal; and are dragging those parts of the bodies down. They are like metallic dead fields. The more we think the more dense we become and lose ourselves to this mind and those parts of the bodies cannot be used by our spirit till we clean up this mess. These fields are parts of the ego as well and are accessed by it to continue to repeat same thoughts, patterns and programs over and over. Creating more of a mind control effects on us.

Look at a light bulb

We can look at it like a light bulb. When it is switched ON then there is light. When it is switched OFF then there is darkness. Same with us, when the switch is ON then we are CONSCIOUS. We are online; we are aware of things and we are present.. and the light is everywhere, its illuminating us, so we see more, feel more etc.. We are connected to our spirit and oneness and here and now. When the switch is OFF then we are UNCONSCIOUS. We are offline and the artificial or distorted mind is online. There is darkness and we cannot see or know what is going on.. we are not present and we are unaware of things. The connection to spirit is not felt nor the oneness. This is when the other mind, the distorted artificial mind which is part of ego has taken you over and are using you to go into a mind-made fantasy world. This is mind control. When we go offline, it comes online and take us over. This is where ego resides. When we are unconscious, unaware of who we are the ego created reality arise and we are under the control of ego and living its fantasies. All the ego fears, ego pain, ego lack and limitation, ego insecurities, ego created emotional difficulties...etc comes out of this state. In this state we access past or we project to the future to please ego agendas. All the shadows and phantoms arise from this state. When we are conscious of who we are; we are trusting and are in alignment with our eternal spirit. There is no fear, no lack, limitations or ego control.

Our job is to understand this as much as we can. So we can be accountable for where we are at any moment....most of us think that this is normal. NO! this is not normal. Normal is where there is no thought, there is complete emptiness unless we are using it with awareness. Otherwise, the mind is absolutely blank and there is such a peace in this state. We can get this back. This is our natural state.

Have you noticed when we are in this mind control state and all of a sudden we are aware that we were on a mind trip? This is when the light switch is ON; we have just come conscious of ourselves, we have come online with our true self....just for a moment... we were present and aware. Out of mind control. Out of ego control. We have to be aware and find ways to be ON, conscious as much as possible, the more we are present the more we can hold this state and be ON, conscious and be connected to our spirit and to this moment. The NOW!

Surrender, faith, trust and finding ways to get rid of ego is extremely important. And also be aware of the stimulus that we come in contact with or we go after. The ego and this virus or this distorted mind tricks us or distracts us most of the times and get our attention to something that is not really needed to our true self but ego thinks it is really important at that moment; so we go after it and lose ourselves in it. It says we are board, we need something to do. Something to think. This is feeding time and for many, always it is feeding time isn't it. It wants things to think and things to do. It needs some form of stimulus as it needed to feed on something. It cannot stay present here and now. If we are present here and now then it cannot feed and there is no mind control or ego. Stimulus is the key, the distraction is what it needs so we are "not present". When we are unconscious it can come online and feed.

What is stimulus in this case? Everything that we use to distract ourselves with and lose the present. Lose this moment in some form of stimulus whatever it is. At this age, most of us have some kind of gadget with us and we are continuously participating with something to stimulate us. Continuously distracting ourselves with a chat, phone, a movie, a game, Youtube, facebook, twitter or Google plus all the time and don't forget the web browsing in between all this. We are online with something distracting us most of the time and are off-line with our present, our now moment and are off-line with our spirit and our consciousness. We are unaware and unconscious and becoming spiritless.

It's time to pay attention to this and be aware when we feel the need to distract ourselves. For most of us, these have become patterns, habits. Web browsing, using phone or chatting is a normal part of life. Not many are able to sit down and have a chat with each other without checking their mail, chat online or answering the phone. For some asking a question like can you set up a time to check mail or chat and then be okay with it? is so confusing as they are so used to this habit. If we really want freedom from mind control, then it's time we look at our habits and way of life and shift it to allow more time to stay present.

We are addicted to stimulus... and if we are not aware that we are addicted then we cannot free ourselves.

Stay online, stay conscious of yourself as much as you can and feel the peace and aliveness that comes with it.