The Power Of Silence

Post date: Aug 1, 2014 5:58:59 PM

People are the only species on the planet that have the ability to talk. By talk I mean using a combination of words to convey the thoughts across to the person or people whom they are talking with. People have been doing this for thousands of years and before that they had telepathy to get through to others. I think at that time there was much more silence.The majority of people on the Earth are run by their egos which need to continually get attention from the outside in one way or another. How often have you really listened to the person right in front of you? Or do you eagerly wait for them to finish what they have to say so that you can tell them what is on your mind? Why do this? If you think about it, you are actually wasting your time telling them what you know, unless you are doing a speech that you are getting paid for. Honestly, you are not really listening to them as well as you are telling them what you already know so that in itself is wasted time too. So the whole interaction with that person may waste anywhere from ten to thirty to an hour of your time, depending on how much patience you have.

This is where silence and inner peace comes in. If you take the time to really hear what the person has to tell you then you are allowing the person to feel accepted and acknowledged. This is important because you have no idea what their history is and they could have been one of those kids that was seen and not heard during their childhood. Do you know how much that could mean to them to have you genuinely listen to what they have to say, with keen interest? It could mean the world to them and all you had to do is stay quiet and give them some of your time. This is giving them love and will come back to you in a positive way. It is an investment, although they may not see it as that.

An important note about this is that you should be careful to not let others dump their shit on you, this is not time well spent. The article emotional dumping goes into this a fair bit.

The peace that you feel while listening to the person will show in your face and your energy and it will add to the warmth that the other feels from you as you take the time in silence to hear what they have to tell you. Should they ask for your opinion and thoughts, then that opens the doorway for a harmonious exchange of ideas and energies, where you both leave feeling lighter and more love for having spent the time together. Well these are my thoughts for the day and what I am learning.