My thoughts on Victimhood

Post date: Mar 12, 2015 6:30:48 PM

My thoughts on Victim-hood: Many of us are brought up in families or situations that made us learn the ins and outs of victim-hood. For many, it takes a while to figure out why they are doing the things they do. It is time we free ourselves from these patterns and reclaim our power back. When a person is using this language, what they are telling themselves is that some part of their life is not working for them. They have lost the power in that area. They tell stories to themselves and others to alleviate the stress of failure in that particular area. Blame: This person does not take responsibility for their life and points a finger at everything and everyone around them, taking no responsibility for their own actions. Justifying:

If they are not blaming, then they are justifying or rationalizing their situation with another fabricated story. To that person, all they are saying is really true and factual.


The person looks at their life in a "glass is half empty" way, and is not satisfied with the things they have in their life. They are not letting themselves enjoy life.

See if you or anyone around you is using these languages. Are you playing the victim/victimizer game with any one?

The cure to victim-hood is for the person to take responsibility for their life.