Angry gods and losing interest in spirituality

Angry gods and losing interest in spirituality

Written in June 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @

Are you one of the people who lost all the interest in spirituality?

Many people are brought up with the belief of an angry god who punishes them if they don't do what they are told, causing them to live their life in fear and trauma, without knowing what to do. So much poison is put in to their minds they live with fear or do tasks that they believe their god wants them to do. Even to kill or to go on crusades, to kill in the name of their god. We have histories of institutions killing millions of people, destroying counties, races, as well as witch hunts which is about killing innocent females because they were connected to the nature, knew the ways of the nature or the people who studied and figure out that what is being thought in the institutions they are visiting is a lie and spoke of it.

With this much of history many have lost interest in the religions and are beginning to see that all this is a way of controlling people. They are seeing, that the middle man or the middle man institutions that hold these high places in society has no integrity or honesty, they simply make the masses follow through fear and control. Many people come away from these institutions or communities with so many painful experiences. However the way this happened, we have so many being that are leaving religion these days and have lost the interest in spirit or are scared or do not want to hear the word god.

I can simply say that many religions destroy the spirituality, the freedom and will of man and their true connection to their eternal spirit has been destroyed through distorted teachings, fear and control.

With that what we have lost is the being’s genuine desire to connect with their eternal self. Many believe there is no god, or if there is a god he is an angry and wrathful god and would punish them for not doing as they say. This is a huge problem to their eternal spirit who wants to awaken these beings and guide them through their evolution, their journey home to spirit.

None of us need a middle man to reach eternal spirit, it lives within us, we have all we need to connect to our God self and our Father and Mother God. We have all of this, we just need to free our being from the distorted truths that were brought down by negative aliens and their henchmen in human clothes. Many religions on this planet today are being manipulated by negative aliens to meet their agendas and the original truth that they held is buried under so much lies and deceptions and texts written and re-written to add patriotic agendas and control over others. When we read these books we can feel that original truth, so we are attracted to it, but to find that truth that's buried in lies and deception takes some work.

Through control and terror for the last thousands of year and many crusades, these beings have created a system of control and institutions to get man to believe and worship Phantom gods, demi-gods; pretty much a bunch of dead gods from phantom worlds, demonic planes and many more and people are giving their life force, light bodies to these gods through their worship and many rituals they perform through activities without their knowing.

We are the children of the true eternal creation, we hold that eternal life, we have true god parents, we do not need to worship dead gods or their false religious doctrines.

The true God our Eternal Mother and Father does not punish us. They are always with us loving and encouraging us to remember who we are. God is all love that's about it. We just have to remember who we are, where we come from what our true nature is. We are part of that eternal creation and oneness. We somehow( there are many reason for it, that's for another subject) forgot who we are and start to believe in this illusion of separation. Knowing who we are we can start to let go of religious dogmas and fear that brought with it and start embracing or eternal spirit within and allow it to guide us.

Remember we are spirit having a human experience not the other way.

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