What is Ascension?

What is Ascension?

Written in May 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ Starcrystalportal.com

Ascension is the expansion of your awareness and reaching in to higher dimensional realities and consciousness fields.

When we release the fear programs, blockages, mind controls, memes and manipulations on our mind and bodies and expand our awareness/consciousness about ourselves and the world, we begin to have access to many levels of consciousness on higher dimensions. This allows us to bring in many layers of ourselves in to this physical plane and anchor it in to our bodies.The more light frequency we absorb, the more we shift our consciousness in to multiple realities and expand our awareness.

We are twelve dimensional beings we have twelve bodies not just the 3 bodies (physical, mental, emotional) we are aware of. When this process starts you will be able to access these bodies and find out who is running these bodies, who has control over these bodies, who is living in these bodies and what purposes they are being used for by other beings. This is your body. When you are ready you can access and claim it back in the name of the self sovereignty.

To do that you need to have an awareness of who you are what is going on in these bodies. Many beings do not want you to remember who you are or access these bodies, cause if you do they will lose their food source. We must have the strength and the desire to be free from these beings and get out of this chicken coup we are in. Most of the work to trick us in to this state is done through mind control and negative aliens and phantom technology. The thing is we are God, we are sovereign and we are free in the eyes of God. We have forgotten who we are and live in separation from that oneness. When we start to remember who we are there is a greater joy in our being and all the support and help is given to you by your god self and your guides. This is not an easy journey, there is so much to learn and so much to figure out, but we can do it, many have done it and are guiding you through this path.

With more openness, expansion and better discernment you can move in to higher consciousness levels of your being and reach in to your eternal God source. This is the natural evolution of humanity.

How do you expand your awareness and reach these levels?

We can approach this in many ways; I’ll write some ideas for you.

We need to pay attention to ourselves and the world, learn to change our being, remove the negativity from our mind and body, and change our thoughts and lifestyles. We can get clues within (through meditation and self-reflection) and also from outside sources (books, like-minded people, communities, internet, internet forums etc). Find truth with all of them, get what is in alignment to you and work with it. Trust yourself and your higher power. We are spirits having a human experience not the other way around.

Have patience with yourself, we have been like this for thousands of years, programmed to live like prisoners (it's a prison in the mind so you really don't notice this until it's too painful for your spirit to take). It takes time to understand ourselves and the system and free from it. In many forthcoming articles I will write about the ways, resources, books and other mediums you can use to start to find your way through the maze of mind control and programs. But remember, ultimately we are to find our own guidance within, all the information we need is within, sometimes it takes time to listen to that small voice talking to us guiding our way. Till we become good at it, we can use outside resources with discernment. Does this resonate with me? Does this align to my core value, my integrity? Is this being or the book teaching me to use creative ways to reach the light or to cheat, lie and compete with others to get there? It all boils down to how authentic we are, how much integrity we have? If we don't have these qualities, we can grow them, so till you do that, you might be tricked in to controlling others, have your will over them, manipulate to get what you want? These are all lessons, to connect to your true eternal God self/ eternal spirit we have to drop all these things. It takes many tries and many, many failures sometimes, but we must be gently with ourselves and keep on working. The amount of help we have from God forces is unbelievable, they are here with us always, we just have to learn to reach out and hold their hands. You can read a bit more in the Inner peace article on how to break free from negative habits.