Talking loud and saying nothing

Post date: Jan 2, 2016 7:20:27 PM

Lately, I am noticing the amount of words that we use in our day to day life and have realized that most of them seems to have no value or meaning, altogether they are unnecessary. They are there to serve the ego self to define itself in some way or form. To give it an identity, defend the identity, manipulate others to get something to keep the ego self enhanced or simply just rattling off words because we are scared of the silence. That reminded me of the movie "Thousand words" where the main character survives in the world by talking excessively. He talks fast, manipulating words, omitting truths, denying what he says and never listens properly unless it's for his advantage. Most his words are lies that are dressed up as really good things for the people; they are empty words, promises that are there to protect him and achieve his desires. They are self serving and manipulating; no one could escape his manipulation until he meets this spiritual guru, then his world begins to change. The movie looks at his behaviours and how he treats people around him and what his motives are behind his actions. The life situation that he was put in after his meeting with the spiritual guru forced him to look within himself, to see the reasons that he was behaving that way and the fears he was holding within. He was covering past fears, pains with excessive talking and the life style that he had created around himself while not really showing himself to others.

One of the songs in the movie was "Talking loud and saying nothing" by James Brown, which inspired the heading for this post. As we begin to look deep, we realize that most of our thoughts, words and action are there to support the ego and cover up ego fears and issues that it created. They are not there to truly help us and make us be at peace with ourselves.

We must come to a place of self realization to see this within and take accountability for our thoughts, words and actions. With most of us there is no responsibility or accountability for our thoughts and words; they get thrown around without us noticing why we say what we say. They are mostly empty and have no values or meaning to our true self or to others; they are simply said... annoying.

Our words must have value, meaning, and accountability so that we can truly say what we want to say and be at peace with ourselves; otherwise we are just yapping and nothing truly comes out of us. We are wasting our energy and creating a distortive field around ourselves and others. This way of life does not add value to the world or to our true self, but actually poisons us.

As the new year begins, this might be of something to contemplate and see where we are with it.

Happy New Year to all.

Love , Pavithra