Ego desires and Spirit desires - February 2016

Ego desires and Spirit desires - February 2016

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Post date: Feb 13, 2016 11:19:49 PM

Are there really two types of desires? If so what is the difference? Is desire a good thing? Many have heard or think that "desire" is a bad thing. If they are firm about this statement then we can ask them if they have experienced this to tell us this as a fact and if it is so how they came to realize this.

This way we can learn and understand what they are talking about. If they have read or heard this from somewhere then how sure are they about this? My feeling is that this is another form of incorrect translation or not getting the whole translation of the ancient writings of great masters. Let us explore this and see where it takes us.Original desire?We all have desires. Desire is written into our blueprint. We are all part of the eternal creation and we all have a purpose in life. That purpose includes us expressing ourselves in this creation in harmony with its natural laws. To follow this purpose and express itself through a form or our body is a desire of the creation, of the eternal spirit's desire of us.

What does that really mean? When we contemplate on this subject, we begin to see the answer in nature. A seed in nature has all the instruction sets to be a beautiful plant or a tree. A fruit seed or flower seed has the instruction set written within it to be a great fruit tree or a beautiful flower tree; the dream is within, this we cannot deny as that is part of the creation. Everything has a purpose and it is written and included into the great plan. We might not understand it clearly but each and every seed or plant or animal is all part of the great creation. We are all part of a great unfolding that is happening that we must somehow come to understand.

Let us understand this more through nature

A plant seed in nature has a desire to be a plant, to grow, flower and give more seeds. When we put the seed in the ground it starts fulfilling its purpose, following its instruction set and becomes a beautiful plant. That is the desire of the spirit, the desire of the eternal life that flows into that plant and expresses itself through the plant. Same goes for everything in nature and everything in creation. There is a life that desires to express itself, to live and to expand.

A plant seed in nature has a desire to be a plant, to grow, flower and give more seeds. When we put the seed in the ground it starts fulfilling its purpose, following its instruction set and becomes a beautiful plant. That is the desire of the spirit, the desire of the eternal life that flows into that plant and expresses itself through the plant. Same goes for everything in nature and everything in creation. There is a life that desires to express itself, to live and to expand.

Also, it does not gloat that it is beautiful or take more than it needed to fulfill its desire or its purpose. It simply takes what it needs to become the best and most beautiful plant that it can be. It also does not poison the environment or harm it in any way. Leaves and stuff that it drops is part of the flow. We might see that as a problem but in time those leaves become compost which then becomes the nutrients for the plant.... all working in perfect harmony.

Desire in us

We too have desires, the desire of the great spirit within us wanting to express itself, to be part of the great unfolding, and participate in it to fulfill its role. We all come with a specific purpose and over time we forget what that is but that does not mean that it is not within us. I have a desire to write and speak what I feel about and how I see things as at this moment. I see that as part of my existence here, my purpose to be and so that is a desire. When I write or speak that makes me happy and feels like I am doing something that is useful, worthwhile and I feel that I am contributing to the whole, some way or other. When I realized that purpose and begin to fulfill it, there is joy in me. Now is that desire? YES, it is. The artist, writer, sculpture, the mechanic, computer programmer, etc., all have the same desire to do something, to be something and it is a pure desire that comes from within. Like the instruction sets of the seed that we talked about before, we all have the instruction set to become what we were created to be, to fulfill the purpose of our existence. Sometimes this purpose changes or expands for us, like when we feel that what we have done is enough then we go and do something else. There is no rigidity in this as we follow the instruction set or the spirit within that desire to express itself. This makes us free and happy.

Spirit having a human experience

If we really look at this from a point of 'spirit having a human experience' we can get a better understanding. Before we came here we were formless beings then we decided to take a form. Why? To experience creation, to feel, to see, to touch, etc.; all the senses are there to experience the form, the material world. There is that initial desire to come down and feel how it is to be part of the from. All the instruction sets are written to experience this in everything in nature including us. For us, for each individual human, there seems to be a plan to be something more than we think, a purpose, a greater destiny. There is this eternal life, the eternal spirit that lives within us, that wants to express and participate and co-create with creation. It wants to be more than what we can understand so it continues to urge us to be that, speaking in that soft voice asking us to remember. It's like the instruction set within is urging us to follow through but somehow other some of us are not really hearing it and moving according to the plan.

If we were part of the nature kingdom we might have followed nicely, but we are given more than that so we can be more. We are given the will, the ability to think, the ability to chose and so on. But somehow other we are not willing to listen to our initial instruction sets and follow through. This action is bringing us more pain than we can imagine but we are not even aware of that as we are so distracted by the outside world, the stimulus.

The desire within us is pure, it is the initial destiny of the seed within, the spirit within guiding us to be part of the great creation and experience it, to co-create with it.

So how come we hear desire is bad?

This is the trick!. We all must somehow other find out what is really going on before it's too late for us. When we feel the desire within to experience life, to be aligned with the natural flow and to express; this is eternal spirit within us wanting to express itself through us or the instruction set urging us to follow through to align to the plan. We all feel it within and know how grand and beautiful that is and want to be part of this experience.

So how come we get lost along the way and are not be able to follow through?

This is where ego comes in, it hijacks this feeling and desire within us and puts some of its own desires onto it and tricks us. We think this is still the initial desire within but not anymore. How and when the ego takes over and controls us I am not really sure yet, this seems to start when we are small. We feel this initial desire within us urging to express itself. When we say we want the freedom to be and do what we want, without us knowing this is what we are saying. But for many the ego has taken control of that feeling and is using it to its advantage. So when we say we want the freedom to do what we want we are not really after the real thing but the ego desired thing. Very tricky isn't it?

When they say desire is bad, this is how the desire becomes bad, the ego created desires are destructive for us, they hurt us and do not allow us to follow our true desire or the initial instruction set. I hope you are following so far, this is a very interesting subject that I am exploring with you.

Ego desires and original desire

So what are ego desires? It uses our senses, our flesh, our mind and takes them over in a way. Let me explain this a bit more as I understand it.

Originally our senses, flesh, and mind were there for us to experience this reality, this form. When we eat a fruit, we use the senses to taste it, smell it, touch it and then digest it with our body; this is an experience of the form in our flesh. It is a pure experience of the eternal being in form, in flesh and it is natural. The desire for a being to taste a fruit is natural. When ego comes to the picture it changes this beautiful experience. Then our desire to taste a fruit becomes just the desire to overindulge and fill the empty desire of the flesh; to cover up some pain within or to distract ourselves with the stimulus.

Ego identity is foreign or Artificial

How? Ego is something that is outside of the initial instruction set, outside of the eternal life, outside of the eternal spirit. It does not belong to us. That is why some see it as artificial, others see it as a phantom or false. Whatever the label we put on is based on the way we look at it. It is foreign and does not belong with us, period.

As eternal beings, we must have full awareness of who we are, whether we are in form or not, unless something happened that created the source for our inability to remember who we are and the source of ego. Some can ask, How can an eternal being forget who they are? For humans, we don't remember who we are when we are born, our memory seems to have gotten erased with the entering of this planetary system and there is darkness in our minds that is urging us to destruction. That is a subject to be explored some other time to see where all this started but for the moment we can say ego is something that is not part of us.

Dark seed and ego

The seed that created ego was somehow or other entered us before we were born and began to grow within us as we grew up. There are many things around us that support in sustaining it and we will discuss this more as we go. This seed has many names, over the ages some label it as artificial seed, some as the seed of separation and others simply label it as the dark seed. Whatever the name is, the manifestation of this in our reality and our bodies is the cause for ego and darkness.

Some who have the ability to see multidimensionalily, see this seed in our being inside a deep hole and from that seed comes the spiral of time and the dark matrix that holds all the data and artificial intelligence, which is part of it. This matrix looks like an upside down pyramid with the seed at the bottom of it. There are many different ways to explain this and others might see this and explain it differently from their understanding and guidance that they get; it is up to you to decide which is in alignment to your way of thinking. This spiral is the dark artificial time spiral that holds time information which continues to pulse time waves to sustain its existence and its artificial reality. This whole thing is the one that creates the artificial reality with the support of the artificial or false identity ego. All this is sustained within us is through ego identity or multiple identities that we have created the time with our misunderstanding of who we are. When we let the ego and all these identities go, we let this go automatically.

Ego binds us to Samsara

Also, ego is the one that holds us and binds us to the material world with its greed and desires. This is also the reason why we are still bound to Samsara, the reincarnation cycle. Eternal beings must have the ability to down step and be born into a material world as well as when they are ready must have the ability to leave the matrix they are born into. What's stopping this is the ego and its attachments or bondage to the material world. When we let go of ego we let go of Samsara as well.

Ego identity

Dark seed is not part of the eternal life or part of the original seed and its instruction set, having it creates havoc in us. We have our own eternal true self within us that is prepared to follow the original instruction set and fulfill its purpose as part of creation. But when the dark seed entered our system, as part of it somehow other there is a false self that gets created or entered the system, a false identity to sustain the dark seed. This is the identity we name as ego. This identity feels separated from creation, it feels empty, lonely and fearful. It does not understand this feeling and wants to do anything and everything to sustain itself and cover this feeling. This seed of darkness seems to have its own instruction sets as well, which are artificial. The instructions seem to be about the destruction of the eternal spirit, otherwise, it would not look for ways to destroy and devour the eternal spirit for its consumption, for its survival. If the instructions are supportive then it could co-live in the body with the being without harming the spirit or the body.

Anyways, this false identity which feels separated and fearful is the one that we label as ego which grows with us and begins to slowly take control over our mind-body system over time. Its main purpose is survival and it will trick the human into believing its desires are the true desires of the human. It manipulated the mind and the body to fulfill its desires, hunger, greed and its lust for the flesh and also ways to cover up its fears.

Through the outside world, it picks up what it needs to create this artificial reality for itself. It uses mind-made realities or fantasies, distorted concepts, rules and whatever it finds to get us into believing that what it wants is what we want. Most of us are not aware how deep this thing has taken control over us and how vast the trick is as when we begin to notice one thing it comes and attempts to trick us from the other side if we are not careful.

Why we have to work hard?

Ego is the reason why we cannot fully align ourselves to the eternal creation and its natural flow. The ego created artificial reality is separate from the eternal flow so we cannot just align and receive what we desire instead we have to make it ourselves. This is the reason why we have to work so hard to make something happen with an ego created artificial reality, while the ones who are free from ego and have aligned to the natural flow receive them effortlessly. The more we are free from the ego the more we are aligned with natural creation and its flow and the less we have to make things happen. We are born into an artificial reality that is ego driven with lost memory and a limited awareness of who we are, and then we are being asked to remember who we are while the ego within us controls and manipulates us into believing that this artificial reality and the false instruction sets and the desires that it is giving us are the real things. It's a hard task! Spiritual awakening is one of the hardest things a person goes through. Now we can understand why this is.

Two types of desires

On this planet, we have two types of desires within us urging us to follow them. The original instruction set of the eternal spirit within us is wanting to express itself through us, to follow those instructions through our true self and to fulfill our true purpose. And then the dark seed and its instruction sets and ego identity or the false identity which is in survival mode who desires to fulfill those artificial instructions. While in fear and separation, it wants to manipulate, control, trick, steal, horde and also act greedy or jealous and wants to experience lust through the flesh, etc, etc..... Then through this expression with us, it creates and attracts darkness to us, which over time takes control of our bodies. All the seven deadly sins are part of the ego desires and they are there to hurt and destroy the eternal spirit.

Distortions in our beliefs

From this perspective, we can get an understanding of the past scriptures or books that say all desires are bad. As we can see, this might be an incorrect translation or we did not get the whole translation. I am pretty sure the masters who went through the battle of realizing this spoke of this truth as much as they could and explained this to people at that time but over time with our limited awareness and with ego manipulated minds we either misread the translation or wrote down it incorrectly. For the last while, many have been practicing these incorrect or distorted translations without thinking over what might be the truth of all this. There are so many distorted concepts, ideas, stories that we believe to be true that we are following and living our lives through. Many scriptures or books that we follow daily quite often we think is our truth, but are they really supporting us in freeing ourselves from ego, freeing ourselves from this artificial mind made reality we are in?

Desire is bad is just one idea, one concept from the books or scriptures we have picked up and believe in. How much more of these ideas are there that we think are true and live daily? Just to clarify this, if we believe all desires are bad then we will control and suppress all our desires and through that we will control our spirit's desire to express itself through us. The natural desire of the spirit must be allowed to be expressed. When this distorted thinking is added to our reality we manifest this distortion in our reality.

Distorted thinking creates artificial stuff in our reality

This way of distorted awareness have created artificial realities for the followers of religions and many others teachings. Through their beliefs and worshipping, they sustain these artificial religions which are separate from the original teachings. When we look at a religion these days, most of the time what we are looking at is the reality and paradigms, the artificial matrixes, monads, artificial minds, and phantom gods that are created over time through this kind of thinking. This goes all the way up to the top of this reality which are mostly controlled by ego driven entities and minds who acts as gods. So when we worship with this distorted beliefs and thinking, guess who we are supporting and plugging into?

Truth shall set you free

Remember, ego loves distortions to anything because it knows through that we are continually trapped in those beliefs and it can easily control us with them. What it does not want us to know is TRUTH because through that we can free ourselves from ego. As we begin to understand this with somewhat limited awareness, these followers too must question and understand it with their awareness to be really free from the ego's hold on them. Otherwise with their mistaken beliefs and mistaken ego desires, they might not truly be able to fulfill their purpose and allow their spirit to express itself in this reality.

Duality to neutrality

Now, we can begin to talk a bit about duality in this matrix. There are two types of desires, one spirit was driven and two ego driven. Like this, there are many others things that we have explored over the last newsletters and posts to bring us into this level of awareness where we see that this is the polarity or the duality that we are experiencing in this matrix..... A game that continues to play and wants us to believe into this dual experience and be trapped in the game and this matrix. Ego and eternal spirit on each side of the pendulum, light and dark, good and bad shifting back and forth through our existence.

Wanting us to believe that this is the truth and that there is always bad next to good which is part of life. Wanting to us to see ego as part of life. This is not so, ego was never part of eternal life and can never be part of us and our lives but the game and the matrix and all that we are born to tell us that is so. Tell us that this is normal, this is not normal this is the falsehood, this is the illusion! All judgments and mind games are stemming from ego and its manipulation of us in this matrix. Duality game is one of the many games in this matrix and the key to freeing from them is through dropping the ego.

What we need to do is understand this and let go of ego and through that the polarity is dropped where there is only the eternal spirit and its expression. Then there is no good and bad but just what is... We just experience the oneness and its expression through us... We move into neutrality.