Changing Core Beliefs

Beliefs are rather similar to habits in the sense that they create patterns in your mind and these lock into your neurology and stay there until a conscious effort is taken to release them. The difference between a habit and a belief system is that habits are personal and are often something that has been repeated for a time period by the individual, creating a set pattern in the mind which can translate to the mental, emotional and or physical body.

A belief system has quite a bit more to it. These types of systems contain consciousness fields that are like plug-ins and when a person agrees with a belief system and fully supports it they are plugging into that system and so are connecting with all the others that support that system. Beliefs are often associated with religion and the worship of gods, but it can be a collection of superstitions as well.

I have mentioned religion in past articles so I will not get into it more here, but will instead venture into other areas where the word 'belief' is used. One of these is the field of health and disease, and is where the doctors are trusted by their patients as knowing what is best for them in respects to their illness. When a doctor comes to you with his clipboard and tells you that you have such and such disease, the average person would take that as fact and in doing that connects to the consciousness field of that disease creating a belief pattern. As you create that belief pattern you become that disease, which is only really a disharmony in your energy bodies that is expressed through your physical body. It is nothing more than that and if you choose to see it in this new light than you are releasing the traditional belief and adopting a new belief. Doing this changes your neurology and thought patterns surrounding the idea of you having, say a bad heart, or whatever.

Beliefs are extremely powerful things and they are entities and so have a life-field. Like an idea is a place of consciousness, so too is a belief a living thing. This new paradigm of thought, taken a step further, is about the human being, the physical vehicle that you get around in in this world, is actually a hologram and can be changed in whatever way you see fit by the thoughts that you allow your mind to think. If you choose to believe what someone else is telling you, then you adopt their way of thinking and layer it onto your own. This mingles with your own thoughts and either grows them or drags them down.

This can be carried over to all areas of your life actually. The people that you hang out with are holographic programs that you are allowing into your 3D experience. Are these individuals assisting me, or not? If you believe that they are than that is what they will do for you. If not then you are downloading a program that may be hurting you. Your reality is what you believe it to be.