The more we are connected to our heart and see the light in everything, the more gratitude arises from it to thank the god and all the beings that have helped us all this time and during all the events in our life. Everything has a purpose and everything is holy and has added a gift to our life. The more we are looking at things and express our gratitude for them and how important they are and their value in our life, the more we connect to our eternal spirit/god-self. The spirit is soaring within us and wants ways to express itself through us, we just have to be creative in finding ways to allow this spirit to move through us and express itself, to show the love it has.

Eternal God source (Mother and Father) is all love and there is nothing else. We are the children of this God self and we are part of that oneness and eternal creation. We have to remember that and find ways to remind us of this greatness and who we truly are. That is why one must have gratitude and be thankful to everyone, and everything in their life. These acts become so important to us in our spiritual evolution. The more we see the love and gifts in each and every experience and event in our life and express it in creative ways, the more we make that connection to our spirit and let it out, let it fill our hearts with love and gratitude and allow this to flow out of us. We feel the joy in us and so do the beings who receive this from us. We are gods, we have the ability to create our own reality, and we have to ask what do I want in that reality; do I want hatred, judgements anger, and competition, which will bring back more of it or do I want love compassion creativity and all that good stuff we so much desire? We can choose to see the light in everything, see the good in things and beings and be grateful for all of this. We can be grateful for the sunrise, the Earth , the trees, animals, the nature kingdom, the house we live in and the comfort we have, the hot shower, the garden, pets, loving family members, and friends. There is so much to be grateful for and many around the world might not have what we have, so is it not a gift that we have all this in our life? Shouldn't we be thankful for this and do a daily prayer to our God self, God parents , the world and people who made this all happen for us?

Written by Pavithra LH @

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