Post date: Jul 30, 2014 12:44:35 AM

Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection

Stargate SG-1: I thought I write a review of one of our favorite tv series for your entertainment, Stargate SG-1. This is a science-fiction TV series that went on for 10 seasons and accumulated over 200 episodes. It started out as a movie which was a pilot for the TV series. It is based around a portal that allows people to be transported from Earth to another planet, and many other planets depending on the address input-ed. This explores the premise of life on other planets and how they impact each other. There are beings that consider themselves above everyone else, posing as overloads and seeking total supremacy over the multiverses and galaxies, as well as races that just try to get along in the universe and find their way. The humans who travel from Earth to these various places learn much about different races and cultures and get involved in a lot of their entanglements as well as lessons. As it is science fiction there is a lot of truth underneath the stories, at least that is what I found. They explore so many different topics throughout the 200 plus episodes, as well as the 100 episode Stargate Atlantis spinoff, that I could write a book on all the episodes and how it could be helpful to one’s ascension and awakening experience. If you choose to watch these shows then certain episodes will have a special resonance to you and certain ones will not. This all depends on your simultaneous lives and what you need to learn to piece together your unique puzzle so that you can leave your samsara cycle and ascend. On that note, there are actually episodes where ascension is explored quite extensively.

There is comedy in them as well, partly through an alien who is accepted to help the main team in SG-1. His adapting to his new home and planet makes for some funny moments as well as perspectives to the ways of modern human culture. Another aspect that will influence how much you get into this show is how far down the rabbit hole you are. Do you believe in aliens? If so, have you gone far enough to understand or believe that they have influenced mankind in its evolution to a great extend? What does consciousness mean to you? Is there a commonality between all sentient beings?

To conclude here, if you want these series to teach you and expand your awareness of your reality, it will, and you will grow much from what is talked about and shown throughout the hours and hours that you could find yourself spending in front of the TV watching. I found it to be worth it. Pass the popcorn please! Enjoy!