Happy Holidays

Post date: Dec 29, 2015 2:32:48 AM

Happy Holidays

Stop for a moment........ and give ourselves love and respect for all the our hard work we did this year.

Taking a spiritual journey is not something easy. There are so many crossroads we go through, so many challenges, pain, difficulty, confusion and dead-ends. Ultimately, most of them becomes lessons for us but when we are in there going through it, we feel that it is the most difficult thing that we have ever done and that is the case for sure. But we must be patient with ourselves and give ourselves a pat on the back and love ourselves for doing this. Not many are doing it and also not many are making it the first time either. There are so many loop holes traps and wrong or long roads we take before we figure this out..

I am realizing, this is not the easiest of things that anyone can ever do and once in a while most of us get stuck somewhere. Sometimes a kind word, pat on the back, good job, keep it up or some guidance from a friend is all that we need to keep us move back on track..

So all I am saying is that I am grateful for the people that have helped me, supported me and guided me along the way.,.. they are the real people in our lives who care, who love and continue to give for us as we go on our way, never expecting anything back.. Just love and kindness for a fellow traveller. What a wonderful gift you all are! Big thanks to all of you out there who cared, nurtured and supported us on our way as we walk this journey..

To all of you out there, wherever you are.. have a safe and peaceful journey.

Happy holidays and have a amazing New Year 2016!