Story About Stories - June 2015

Post date: Jun 7, 2015 2:50:08 AM

Story about stories?

Written by Pavithra LH @

Written on June 07, 2015

We have been born into a world of stories. There are millions of stories we believe in either knowingly or unknowingly. There are stories that were believed by us at this incarnation, by our ancestors, by the race, by the planetary group consciousness, by the galactic consciousness, and so on. Which means it is in the blood and DNA of the people, in the planetary mind, and in the hidden ancient history stored within us, telling our being these tales. Without our knowing many of these stories are being believed by our huge multidimensional body and the minds of each of those levels. Since we have been born we always want to believe in something, to learn to understand what all this is about, this existence. To do this we believed in stories past down from the people as true and all the new information that has been revealed to make us more aware of this existence, such as scientific, religious, political, history, culture, etc..

It becomes our reality

As we believe in them they become our reality and part of us. We plug in to those stories and if there are roles in them then we are connected to them as well, based on what we believe in. Then the person begins to play a role that they believe in which they agreed to within the context of the story. To go with the role, the person gets the costumes to wear as well. The necessary plug ins come with it or our mind creates them for us to make them real. Now you are in the story and the story changes you. Not the other way around.

Religious influence

If the religion you believe in has thousands of demi-gods and you are believing in those stories and their heavens and hells and so on, then guess what? This becomes your reality plus the planetary effect that comes with it. Belief is extremely important to each human because it becomes your truth; that is what you are living in because that is how your brain and your consciousness decides what to manifest in your reality. A good example of the religious influence was shown to us recently, so I'll write about it here.. My partner's parents have not been to the church for at least 15 years. Now that their younger son is married and has kids and wants to be a good citizen, he is taking the family to church and the grandfather is tagging along with the children. They have been going every Sunday for the last 5 months or so. A few days ago grandfather came to visit us. That day, when we were doing a clearing we got to see that the grand father and son are being energetically called Christians. When we looked, we could see that their multidimensional bodies have staples and an artificial monad connected to them. I guess this is just the beginning of being part of the story of a good Christian.

They agreed to play the role and now they get the costumes to go with it. Also when they come from the church we get to see the effects on them as well as the huge density they carry around. But this is their choice. Either you learn the story and change it or the story changes you. We are beginning to understand that this really applies to every story we believe in.

This is why there are many layers and systems that are created including religions to get us to believe in them; believe in their idols, or gods. So they can keep them alive with our energy and we can be controlled as we are believing in them. We are realizing that the less we are part of groups, tribes, religion or any belief system, the easier it is to be free from them and their control systems. These are the artificial mind control systems. Belief is the key!

Unravelling stories

When we go through our awakenings, what we are doing is unraveling these stories that are stored in our DNA, blood and matrixes. This could be the time that we participated in our incarnation that is stored in our different dimensional matrixes, blood and DNA.

What we experience when we open this layer is another story that was believed by that part of us as true. When this is unravelled we don't have to believe this story to be true and live it and give it more power over us. That is the main point.

These days we hear so many stories from awakening beings, writing from their experiences of many things they are going through. What they are telling might be real to them or they are simply telling us about their experience and the story they are releasing when they are clearing themselves of another layer. They might write it in a very convincing way with all the details of it, and they might even believe it to be the truth of what has happen to us as a race and so on. But is this really true? Do we need to believe in that story? If we do, then we become part of that story, and we might even get the plug-ins to go with it.

Now we have to clear another layer that was not even ours in the first place. In our realization we are finding that our role is always to remember that it is just another story! We are reading another story, another illusion of the mind that has created this false architecture, programs and artificial matrix that run and control the human population. This way if there is something related to this story within you, then you can easily remove it instead of getting the full effect of the story. Don't let a story think for you.

Why give illusions power?

What was created from the illusions of the mind? It may be a program, architecture, a density or an entity, but they are all illusion of the mind. They are not real at that moment. One can say that this definitely is real to me, yes.. but if we believe these stories to be real then we give them energy, power and then they become real in our lives. Our task is to understand them for what they are, witness them for what they are so that there is NO fear and so we are certain about what we are witnessing. Which is something that is not true or not real, and something that is an illusion.

If we believe these stories to be true then we are giving the dark, the separated consciousness, more encouragement to be that way and also we are giving them energy and power. Power over us! Most of the stories are scary and painful to see or experience.

When we are releasing them, if we are sensitive beings, we feel the pain in many layers of our multidimensional being. So affirming to our self the truth, our truth, is very important. Pure consciousness does not need to believe in anything, it is what it is. It knows what it is and it is truth. What it does is witness. It witnesses everything, it does not need to believe in them or become part of them. The witness does not participate with it, or get entangled with the story. It simply continues to be and continues to witness. This state is the essence of being.

How do we free from stories?

So how do we free from these stories is the question. The realization that these are all stories and you are becoming part of them by believing in them is what we need to know. The more stories we believe in the more stories are running our lives. We are not even aware of how many roles we are playing and how many stages there are.

Our job is to understand these facts. These stories are not part of the organic natural creation. They are stories that were believed by the mind as it felt separation, or the mind which decided to separate from the god/eternal creation/eternal spirit and choose to create its own illusionary worlds and creations.The true organic being is part of the oneness, stillness and witness to everything. The stories do not become its reality as it does not believe in them. It does not go in to experience of pain, the lack limitation, or poverty and suppression. As it knows that these are not its true state of being. So it simply witnesses them and they cannot effect it. The pure consciousness is free and it can express itself the way it wants to. It can manifest and de-manifest at will and it can live in creation free of suppression. It experiences creation and other beings in pure harmony. Anything that is creating out of harmony with its mind are illusions that are not aligned to true creation. They do not have power over other beings unless the being believes in them and they allow it to enter and effect them.

Stillness heals the separation

This is why the stillness can be so healing for all of us and that is the reason for the mind control system to be created. So the beings are always out of their natural state of stillness and participating in the separated thinking. Zero point is neutral, there is no separation and no polarity. It is the oneness. Everything is balanced within this space. Stillness is our greatest friend and the way out of separation and mind control. If we can understand the importance of it, we can pay attention to the moments we are in it and participate with it, so that space gets expanded within us. Slowly we have more and more of those spaces where we are in the stillness.

Story tellers

Many of the dark are very good at weaving stories to keep us distracted from the truth. One of these races are the belikadaman, which are the fallen Melchizedeks (the fallen blue races or the Asura races).

Whatever the label we have given to them at the end they are all the same, the fallen races. These are a race or a consciousness that decided to believe in stories. They are story tellers and they are the ones who are spinning the stories to trap other beings in their webs of illusion so that they can feed on them. Their effects are quiet prominent in Asia. For example bollywood has become a story heaven for these beings to use in whichever way they want. With an ancient history of many belief systems and many religions, their movie industry is spinning stories pretty much every day. These are the threads that weave the illusions over the humans eyes trapping them in these webs of deceit. As the people believe and participate in them, they get plugged in and trapped in a huge multidimensional architecture system. This has been there for a long time and increasingly getting more popular as the movie industry is becoming one of the most prominent forms of entertainment for the people. Some of the stories are so popular that they move across many generations and some of the stories are part of their culture, ancestry and so on.

When you realize that you are no longer part of these stories then you can resign from the stories, and the plug-in slowly becomes useless. When you go to the zero point more and more of these architectures start to collapse or dissolve. As they are no longer part of you, you have the pure consciousness and you are the witness so the illusion can collapse.

Time waves

That is why the stories are repeated every so often. Every 30 years we get to hear and see that something comes back. The music, the fashion, the movies, etc.. The story might be a bit different, with a new angle and new characters, but what's being told is the same story.

If we really pay attention, we can see the same stories these days but the characters are a bit different to match the culture, the race and the people. In truth it is the same story repeated over and over again.

They are all cycles that are created to hold the same patterns. It's like when you drop a pebble in to a still pool of water, it creates waves and if you keep on putting pebbles as desired you can keep the waves going continuously. This is how the stories are placed in the field using artificial technologies and with our participation in the stories. We see all the trends coming back; music comes back, movies being re-made, repeat of wars, war-memories, and so on. This is how the cycles are encouraged on the planetary level. Without us knowing we are participating in them. If we are aware of them would we allow the history to repeat over and over again to keep the wave going, effecting our memories and our mind? Following this path keeps us out of the now moment and always takes us to the past or future. When we are not in our stillness we can be effected with stories and the mind control. That is how the mind control is kept running on this planet. At least this is a one way.

We have also seen this through the galactic Yugas being described in Indian history. I am not really sure if there was really a Yugas there in the original creation of this time matrix. But what we are noticing is the Artificial mother ships placed on those points where they continually create artificial wave pattern to keep the artificial matrix going.


These are beings that we have given a name based on the story we tell ourselves to make some sort of sense in our mind. It is a label that we put on these beings so the mind is happy and so it can understand what we are talking about. The negative aliens, the dark, these beings are the fallen gods and the demi-gods. Either they are part of the illusions of the mind of the certain consciousness or they are the beings that got created out of the illusion to represent the stories for the people. Either way, they are actually illusions, they are not real. They don't have power unless we give them power by believing in them. When you are in the stillness whatever the illusions they create have no power to hurt you. Stillness, the zero point has the ability to collapse the illusions.

No Separation

When you are in stillness, the mind forms that created the artificial or the falseness of separation will collapse. Stillness is the cure to separation. It is the healer of separation. That is the reason there is a huge effort to keep us out of stillness with any kind of distraction to keep the mind going. This way we are always out of stillness and we can be controlled. When we are being mind controlled our life force can be used to feed the dead systems and beings. When we are in stillness, the time ships can collapse, the time waves can collapse and the illusions of the mind can collapse. All creations from the illusions of the mind can collapse. Also it has the ability to heal the fallen races, so that at the end the artificial mind control matrix can collapse.

Freedom for the human race

Richard Bach in his book 'Illusions' talks about stories as well. In his story the master says to the student that we are all here because we love stories. If we want to we can just walk out of here or change the story. My question is, "What if we don't believe in all these stories?" Ancient masters talks about this existence as being an illusion. How much do we need to understand to be free? As a race we have to understand the stories and how far the illusion goes, so the planetary group consciousness can be free as well.

As you see, this is another story. You can decide what you want to take from it, the whole story or take parts of it that fit you, or just completely ignore it. It's your decision.