Creating a Meditation Practice:

Meditation is like any other thing you practice; you have to work to build this muscle. So have patience and be persistence in getting there. Here are few tips to make this easier for you:

  • Use the same room or place.

  • Use calming music or breathing or a bath to calm down.

  • Make sure you sit down or lie down comfortably, help the body to help you.

  • Use the same time to do the practice every day or every other day; you will notice the change when you continue as if your God self and guides are ready for the work when you sit down.

  • Make use of the calmness of the room or the environment to your advantage to make your body relax more and go within.

  • Communicate to your family members so you can take this time for yourself. "ME TIME"

  • Take the phone off and any other things that might disturb you.

  • Release all the entanglements with others and situations by intending to release them from your being; bring in forgiveness and love to your practice.

  • Call in your mother father God to assist you in reaching stillness. Ask for their protection and assistance.

  • Bearing in mind that you should not have any attachment to the outcome as you go through this process. This takes some time so give yourself the time to get there. Whatever the outcome is, you can achieve it with persistence and patience in the process.

  • Now it's time to begin the practice.

Few Meditation techniques to get you started.