What are Fragmented Souls?

What are Fragmented Souls

Written in May 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ Starcrystalportal.com

A Soul could fragment in many ways, one way is due to a traumatic experience, where the soul reacts by distancing or separating bits and pieces of its light to save itself (ex. accident, abuse, high stress, pain, loss of a loved one, anger, etc.) , or due to a situation (agreement or trickery) that allows a dark being to steal parts of our self, or due to a contract or dark act of black magic (selling soul or stealing soul) that makes the soul fragment. These lost, stolen, bound, sold, neglected, discarded, forgotten, split off, abandoned, projected fragments are parts of our self, our light, our consciousness.

When a soul is fragmented like this, in many time lines and dimensions, the being feels less whole, less in the moment. It feels like it’s missing something in their life and may manifest physically as dis-ease and/or emotional difficulties. Another issue that comes with the fragmentation is that these lost places of the soul can be occupied by or used by other entities or beings.

Many humans do not use all of their selves in this 3D existence, so other beings or entities are using these aspects and light for their nefarious purposes. Working with your God self and your guides you can slowly begin to retrieve these parts and become whole again. We are twelve dimensional beings and we have twelve bodies.

We can look at them as 12 aspects of you that makes the soul matrix. And then 12 souls that makes the over soul and then again 12 over souls that makes the 12 dimensional avatar. So healing your being, even up to a soul matrix level is a greater healing to you and to your fellow humanity and your families. This is a process and takes time, but the results are amazing. Some of these parts can be retrieved during meditations or with the assistance of your guides and teams, or with the help of a trusted healer who hold integrity and feel aligned to you being.

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