It's all about truth. What is truth, really?

Post date: Jul 5, 2015 9:36:09 PM

It's all about truth. What is truth, really? We all go searching all over the place finding new things, new truths; believing in them, living them experiencing them, discarding them for something new or upgrading the truth to a higher one. They are all part of our learning to find our own truth. I am realizing that at the end we all come back to ourselves to find our own truth in simple things. To me this seems simpler than we can imagine. For most us if we started to believe these simple truths at the beginning we could have saved a lot of time. But own mind would not believe in it or understand it. It would say, 'How can it be so simple, there is so much out there and how can this simple little thing lead to our freedom?'

So we take a journey to search for the truth. As we do we learn so much and if we are true to our selves at one point we begin to realize, I am hoping it is this life time for most of us before we pass on, that all we have learned and followed are just stories that people live. They may have some truths but not what we really want. What we really want is our own truth that we can believe in and live and be free.

There are so many teachers and so many teachings. Ancient teachings from masters and all that new yet old stuff that was brought in with the coming of this age; so many channels, so many books, and websites. Even many new teachings are being brought down while I am writing this. They all contain some truths or maybe the whole truth for that person..but it might not be our own version of truth.

We are all learning this through many experiences, making parts of or whole teachings our own by living it, experiencing it and knowing it in our own being at the end. Then that becomes our own truth. Sometimes we read about other people's truths and find that they are so similar to our own. A bit different here and there in the way that they express it and their experience, but the underlining idea is there. It all has to be one truth for all. We all get the truth from the same source, the same one but experienced and expressed differently by different people..

When we look at it, many of these teachers are teaching their own version of freedom or more entanglement. By this I mean that they are confusing people with lies and deception. They too are learning their own way... we all have to respect their path... Someday maybe they will be free from those teachings or realize that they have been living a lie and change...then look for a higher truth.

We are all learning about our own choices and where they lead us in our own evolution. In the light of that knowing we cannot judge anyone for what path they are choosing or what they are teaching, they too have lessons to learn. What they are teaching is what they have to learn for themselves.