Participating with the natural laws through service - August 2015

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Participating with the natural laws through service - August 2015

Written by Pavithra LH @

What does that mean to you? For me it means a few things, so I am attempting to write it as I was asked a few times.... what's my take on this?

Suffering as a way

First of all, service to the world does not mean giving everything you have and suffering throughout your life by following some teachings blindly for the sake of reaching spiritual enlightenment. This way of doing is not called service, but blindly following or I could call it martyrdom. You are forcing yourself to suffer thinking that this way of life might get you some freebies in higher realms, but in reality you are putting yourself down and doing something that is not supporting your spirit. Martyrdom does not get you anywhere higher, it does however drag you down.

There were some public figures we have heard of that have lived a life of poverty to serve others. Living a life of poverty as a symbol of spirituality in the public eye is an interesting matter to think about as that enhances the support of linking poverty to spirituality. Some of these public figures in the past few centuries had huge support from the religious institutes and these institutes are so high on preaching poverty as a way to reach heaven and were fully supporting these figures.

They were being highlighted in the media as a symbol of spirituality. They had the support and the ability to create a huge momentum within the world to get what they needed from many organizations. They were good marketers and organizers to be able to play that role. They had help, lots of it. They got what they needed from others through their abilities and channelled it to others; they were the medium for the support to come through. Does a few public figures suffering mean that we have to do the same to reach higher realms?

Taking care of ourselves is not selfish

For me when I look at it, for a person to truly align to their spirit, they have to keep working on their self, and they must seek balance. This is when the spirit truly rises within them. That means taking care of themselves first before going out to take care of others. Some might say this is selfishness, but that word is being used in so many areas to stop many from reaching their true potential.

Any person who is abandoning their distorted way of life and seeking something new is called selfish. So if that is true than many masters from the past like Buddha or Jesus were selfish as well. In the stories we have heard that they left the life they were living to seek something they felt they needed for themselves; they saw the impermanence of the mundane life they lived. They did what they felt like doing, they took care of themselves. They found the freedom and then later chose to share their findings with others. They served themselves first before thinking of serving others. Service to the world must include service to the self as well. Otherwise the whole endeavour becomes a martyrdom for the sake of reaching something or somewhere. So watch out for the word selfish being used to pull you down when you are taking the journey towards your personal freedom.

Creating something to add value to the whole

I have seen many people creating products for the exchange of money as well as giving away things for free. They enjoy the feeling when they give as well as when they sell because that supports what they enjoy doing.

These people create support systems which add value to the whole. They feel within the need of the whole and their being goes to work to make it a reality for the whole. When we hear the word service we need to consider what that means to us. For a person to create something for the good of others by putting their effort and their energy to make it the best they can without trickery or deception, this is service to the whole. Then they can decide to sell it for a reasonable price, an energy exchange. Or they can give it away for free for the joy of their heart. Both are service to others, service to the world. By adding value to the whole, increasing the possibility of greatness of the whole is truly a service.

Giving for free

When giving for free, you give not from the point of self-righteousness, sacrifice, or an idea of spirituality because you have to give, but you give just for the pure pleasure of giving. It becomes fun and joyful. Here the love is in action and spirit rises within us when this happens. Of course there are rewards for these kinds of giving without asking. When the person is out giving like that, we make space for more to come, and the universe will automatically fill those spaces. This is part of the natural flow of the universe. I will address that later.

Awakening is service to others too

When a person begins to question their lifestyle and begin to change themselves they raise their consciousness, and free themselves from bondage. They are serving themselves as well as the planet.

Every effort we take to make ourselves better than what we were before, every time we see the truth and make a change to our being we are assisting ourselves as well as the human collective.

The more humans who awaken and raise their consciousness, the planet raises its consciousness too. We are assisting each other in many ways when we learn to think for ourselves, find truth, and change ourselves.

Freeing ourselves from all these illusions is service to all! Have you thought about it? Living a life of goodness is service to others, because you are affecting the world, one person at a time. I heard some where some philosopher wrote "The world is good because you lived there", interesting thought to ponder. Have you thought about it while you are awakening to the truth? This is not an ego trip, but the pure joy of understanding who you are and what you are meant to be.

Awakening is your main purpose in life

Every person who awakens to their spirit is already serving themselves as well as others. Many ask when they wake up what is my purpose now that I am awakened? Their overall purpose in life is to awaken and raise their awareness, raise their consciousness. Heal themselves and connect with their spirit. Let go of all that is holding them down and be free, be one with all.

In time many other purposes will be added to that as their spirit guides them to their inner callings, but the main purpose will be this theme for all of us in all endeavours throughout our life. This is all service work but not being called as such.

Effect on human collective

The human collective is holding so many illusions and this is effecting everything on this planet. The amount of fear, anger, hatred, terror, violence, pain, control, greed, hunger and all the illusions of lack and limitation are continuing to fill the planetary consciousness field. The more people who are in these states, the more they are contributing to the whole in a negative way daily. This is effecting the world politics, war, weather and many other forms of distortion that are being revealed to us including diseases.

All this is creating many more distortions and the planet's density is getting denser and denser every day. This has already effected the nature kingdoms and weather.

On the other side, there are so many that are awakening and seeing the truth and choosing to change the way of their life. Raising their consciousness, holding light and love for themselves and others. They are helping the collective awaken and see the truth. The more we are awakened the more we are supporting the whole.

One person at a time

Imagine one person making a choice to be happy no matter what. Think how much pain and suffering they are taking away from the collective daily. They are no longer a contributor to the pain of the planet. The more people who chose to be happy, the less pain is being placed on the planet and the more joy is added to the whole of the planet. When more of us chose to be happy and healthy, the better the human collective gets. By us choosing to change, we are contributing to the whole in a way we never thought of.

Through our awakenings we become...

When we make a kind gesture or give a smile to someone, we chose to be happy. When we treat nature kindly, when we treat ourselves kindly, when we learn to be in alignment to the nature, we are performing a service.

This might not look like it from some other perspective but that is all part of our work being in service without us knowing. This is when our spirit works though us, holding the light, being who we are meant to be; the light and love.

Think about it, feel how it is when you really look and feel these facts. How much we are affecting ourselves and others when we are aware of our thoughts and actions and make changes to better ourselves and live a life of goodness that we feel aligned to. Our life begins to bloom when we are aware of who we are and what we are here to do. It begins when we see the world with new eyes, see through renewed confidence our purpose and what we can do to help ourselves as well as the planet. We can use that motivation to build the courage we need to stay strong and keep on going when we begin to understand what service means. Then we can chose in every moment how we are serving ourselves as well as others.

Natural flow and attachments

Another subject that we continue to miss when it comes to our life is understanding and surrendering to the natural flow of creation, which is part of the natural laws. Let me talk a bit of the natural flow and attachments and explain why service to the whole is something that we can participate with in order to be in alignment to nature.

You might have heard the statement, "attachment is bad for spiritual attainments". Many have chosen to leave earthy possessions behind and live a monastic life to fulfill their spiritual desires. Also there is this common belief, if you have more things, you have attachments and they are pulling you down to the earthy materialistic life so the less you have the easier it is to have a spiritual life. However it is dressed up, the common word that I see is "attachments are not supporting to the spiritual cause".

When we look at this carefully, we see that attachments are not supporting anything in life, it is something that is built against the natural laws of nature. Let me explain this and see how that phase "might have been misinterpreted" or taken in a way that does not support the human being and cause them to think in poverty consciousness, living a life of less or harm themselves through unnecessary suffering.

Natural flow

In my understanding creation has some order, that is to say it is running smoothly and in balance when everything is working in the way it should be. A river is something that continuously flows. If we try to flow against the current then we need a bigger force than the flow of the river to go against it. If we build a damn to catch the water then we need to build it with the help of understanding the force of the water flow in the river. The river will continue to push the damn to make way for the path or try to create an alternative route to continue its flow. This is just a simple example of the flow.

When it comes to working with the natural order of things, to go against them, we need a much stronger force to create resistance. That must be where the saying "go with the flow" comes from. When you flow with the current you can flow easily and effortlessly as the flow or the current has the force to take you with it.

Natural cycles

Nature is continuously in motion. A tree that grows is in motion, it takes a time for us to see it grow into a fully bloomed tree and then with time it becomes old and dies off. A flower that blooms today in few weeks will die off. Next day a new tree is created from the seeds, or a new flower begins to bloom. This is part of life and part of the natural flow. Energy is in constant motion, it cannot be stopped. If we attempt to stop it, then we need a stronger force than the motion or flow as well as we are creating a resistance against the natural flow. The stagnation that is created from this stops the energy from moving. When it is not moving it slows down, creating density and dead energy. Humans have created many things to tame the natural flow and to make it work for us. Some of it works, but if we are not careful some fight back creating catastrophic situations.

Attachments and ego

We create attachments because we are scared of losing things. When we bring things to us we create a space in our being to that thing and let it grow in us. But we are forgetting that it has to leave when it's time to complete its own cycle whatever that is. We must love it enough to know the natural laws to let it go when the time comes. Spirit appears from its non-form state in to a form, experiences what it came for and then goes back to the non-form state, the spirit realms. Everything we see works like that, some take millions of years to be expressed and some take a blink of an eye, a mere moment. Everything comes and goes. What we don't understand is that there are parts of us that are still believing in separation, which cannot remember that we are all part of oneness. We are part of the form as well as formless. That part that does not understand this or has forgotten this truth is scared to lose things. Then again the artificial ego within us is so scared of losing things as well. It is build with things, when we lose something, it gets scared of dying. Losing means dying to the ego. So the more attachments we have the easier for it to inflate and grow.

When something comes to our life and if we create an attachment to them the following obvious facts come in to our consideration. If we don't consider them and understand them well, then they create pain within us. The facts are: what comes in to our life is not permanent. They come and go. They all have a life span of how long they are going to be with us. We don't know the life span. All of this is part of the nature, part of the flow.

If we have huge attachment to things, of course we will fight to keep them with us. We find ways to keep the thing with us permanently with so much effort. Some cases we succeed and some cases we fail. At the end what we are doing is going against the flow. We are also creating a stagnation in the flow of nature as well.

When we lose the things we love, we are in pain, it hurts to lose things we love and we are not very good at handling emotions with this kind of situations. This is why some of the ancient teachings talk of attachment as the cause of pain.

If we dig deeper we see that the real cause of pain is that we have forgotten the natural laws that have caused the person to create attachments which lead to the pain. Basically, we have forgotten who we are and where we came from. We have forgotten the natural flow of creation and that we are all part of oneness and there is no separation. If a thing leaves us, it does not mean it is really leaving us. It still is there within us in another form. Only the form changes.

Can living a life of less support your spirit?

Some phrases like "having a lot is creating attachments so don't have anything and live a life of less" is something that is being practiced by many as part of their spiritual journey. Living a life of poverty or less to be free from attachments seems okay from their point of view, but that kind of life might not be supporting to their spirit. This is something each individual needs to look within and figure out to see where their beliefs are around the word "less" and "poverty" and their spirit's desire to express. So they will know what is holding them back and where to draw the line with all this.

When we are not supporting our spirit and living a life that is natural to its existence, meaning living a life of abundance, the person is creating a resistance to the natural flow in a roundabout way this means they are creating stagnation and in a state of being in resistance to nature. Basically with all of this they are creating separation. Guess what that means? If they are not careful enough, separation thinking is an easy way to let the ego get in. When there is a feeling of separation, there is an emptiness.

You can live a life that supports your spirit's nature by following the natural laws and tame the ego. Let the flow in and out. Don't hold on to things so much when it's time for them to go, let them go.

Give things away continuously, make this a practice in your life so the ego cannot control you. Let things go and allow the flow to flow in. When your spirit is in the driver seat guiding you, you will know what you desire in your life and what you don't. The ego cannot make you be greedy and horde.

When you are in alignment to spirit and live the life that might be a simple life but a fulfilling one.

What teachings are you following?

If you are following a teaching that is supporting poverty thinking, this is the time to really test yourself. Can you think for yourself or are you going to be just a blind follower? Watch for all the teachings and think for yourself before practicing them. Does this form of practice support my being, does this make me happy? Am I allowing a distorted way of thinking to suppress my spirit? Ask these questions every time you look at spiritual teachings or practices. Sometimes the teacher has talked of something but the students have misinterpreted what the teacher has said. This seems to be the case with some old teachings.

Negative programming

Remove negative thoughts, programming of lack and limitation from your being and pay attention to what you are thinking and doing daily in relationship to them. Only then are you not going against creation and its natural laws. When there is no resistance to the natural flow, then the flow will go through you, bringing in what you desire and carrying away what you no longer need.

Giving away willingly and lovingly must be something to practice and built in to your system so the ego cannot put its foot in and create greed and fear within which create attachments and resistance to the flow.

Things are different now

Most of us are not living a monastic life or live in a cave by the stream where the water and the fruit and vegetable are free to pick from the jungle. Nor where the fire wood is close by for the fire and the weather is nice all year, so there is no need to plan ahead for winter. For a person who lives a life like that, there is no need to find a way to make a living as nature is providing for them. That is not the case for many of us in the modern world living in cities and towns, Especially if you are reading this through internet, which means you are living closer to a city and have to pay your bills, your internet bill at least ;-)

So we all have to learn to find a new way of living in alignment to nature and still fulfill our desire to be free and also not be too rigid in attaching to the ancient teachings that were written in a time where things were different.

Participate with the flow through service

When you are in alignment to natural flow, you are automatically in the state of service. Things come through you and they flow from you. Sometimes you create things to be part of the flow and then you let that flow in to others through various avenues and means. The others receive them and they participate with the flow with exchanges in some form. It could be money or heartfelt gratitude or love or some other form. Other times you simply be the light you are, either way you are still giving, still participating.

When things flow out of you, you create a vacuum for a fraction of a second and then the nature automatically fills that vacuum bringing you in alignment with the flow as that is part of the natural laws.

So when we participate with the natural flow, we know for sure that we are being taken care of. It is a knowing, it is a must. We just have to learn to stop creating resistance within us that creates separation mindsets which push us away from the flow.

How to utilize natural flow in finances

When it comes to Financials we can look at this in an easier way and live a life of prosperity. Let me explain how I see this. As I mentioned earlier, we need to understand the natural laws of creation. That is, things must always flow. So learn to let things come and go as well as objects and money to come and go. Trust in these laws and let things go knowing that when things goes, there is a vacuum that builds and that will be filled with the inflow of the currents. Inflow and outflow are the way to go about.

Keep an eye on the ego, if it is fighting to keep something, that means you have an attachment due to fear. Fear means there is a stagnation. Fear does not help the flow, it stops the flow. Fear of losing something you own means you are letting the ego run the show again. Watch out for this and bring back the knowing of the natural laws and when it is appropriate and when it is time, let things go. You can sell them of or give them away. However your heart feels. When you let go, let go of the attachment and the fear with it. Don't think oh no now that I let it go I don't have it anymore and what am I going do now?! That means you are still attached to it and are in fear and have forgotten the natural laws of creation.

Trust in the laws and accept the laws. Be ready to receive, as the vacuum that you created will be filled. This is not done with attachment to the thing that must come your way, but knowing that is how the natural laws work. Most of the time what you get is not what you are wanting, but what your being desires or simply put, what you are by your thoughts and actions. For example, when you give money you might get money back or something else that you truly desire.

Separation in action

This is just a bit outside of what we are talking about but might be of interest to you. If you are not receiving that means you are holding on to something. This might not be the thing that you gave away, but might be something else in you that is creating a field of fear, resistance and separation. This could be a personal issue such as you have not forgiven yourself or you have not forgiven someone else in your life which is creating a huge field of separation and when you are in separation the flow cannot come to you, as you have moved in to the space of believing you are separate from oneness. So look for this and heal this.

In conclusion

What I have written might be challenging to your way of thinking. What I am writing is how I see things. This way of thinking might be not for you, and that is okay.. You can chose what you want and make your own reality. I am writing this because I enjoy writing, and it might be of service to some. So take what you want and leave the rest.

We each have to make our own choices, to decide what all this really means to us and where we want to be with it when it comes to our spiritual evolution. My take is understanding how things work and being part of the natural order makes it easy for us to ride the waves instead of going against it.

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