Praying to God

Praying to God

Written on August 18,2014

Written by Pavithra LH @

When a person prays to God for something, most of the time the person prays while affirming what he already has or what he already is; he would say I am poor I am weak, help me. Every time a man asks for something, it is given to him but it takes a while for it to down-step/manifest because the man is holding in his will those thoughts of who he is right now, the poor, sick, helpless person he is; and this is what keeps manifesting for him. Also this person believes in an outside entity to be his savior not himself or his power as a God being.

What if the man choose to create a new reality for himself, what he wants to be right here right now, through his visualization and affirming who he is; the new man he is. Like using a brand new canvas where he is drawing his new creation of himself. Through his faith he can break those negative conscious and non-conscious thoughts and beliefs. Faith is the key to breaking those beliefs and with persistence he can break those patterns and allow the manifestation of this new reality he wants to come through.

This becomes much easier if the being has the faith and knowingness that when he asks for it, it is already given. With this knowing, he can affirm I am abundant, I am prosperous, I am healthy, I am protected, and I am supported. With these ingredients (sanyoga) in place his own God-self can manifest whatever he wants for him as it can now re-arrange itself to be what his reality is, and he has the faith and trust that it already belongs to him and is already there; and he continues on with his imagination staying in the state of wish is fulfilled, living with joy and confident.

Our part is to go with the flow, be what we are. By being the manifestation, it becomes easy, and if and when we need to do some work we will be guided to do that, and even that will not be hard and will not feel like you are flowing against the water, but flowing with the water.. We are here to BE not to DO.

Many human ways tell us we have to work hard. We have to DO things, cause we are sons of the man, when we remember we are suns of the god, we don't need to DO things, we simply need to BE and by being, things get manifested. As we become the thing we want to be; the thing we want, manifests in our reality with minimum work.

Sun of God

When man fell from God and became the son of man instead of the sun of the God; he forgot what he was, and that he can manifest what he wants by being who he is. What we need to do is the same; to remember who we are, we are not sons of the powerless man, we are the Sun of God, we are resurrected back from the dead to be the suns, with our true powers restored, when we remember who we are.

This must be done, so that man does not worship any other person or god but himself, his own father and mother. This realization and knowingness is the key to getting back home to where we can from. This is where the being can ascend with full support from his parents and god forces; manifesting as whatever it needed to be , a code, a being, a guidance in many forms. It is there already..

God cannot be fought and won by any other force, it is massive, it holds the creation; whatever is fighting including the dark is in that creation it self; with the compassion of the God that being is allowed to be there and allowed to heal and come home.. Same as this, suns of god cannot be harmed, what can harm is the illusion, the separation that the person has that breaks them from that connection, that knowingness of who they are..

This is where the dark gets their foot in and harm and enslave the beings. So we all have to remember who we are .. We are here for one thing and this is the time, to remember who we are and become that.


Everyone needs to achieve this state, through higher consciousness embodiment the wisdom can automatically come to the being, or the being will be taken through a myriad of experiences to learn, so they achieve wisdom to embody what they came here to be. We can see within us when we go through this process, we are given the same situation in many times, to lean, to acquire that wisdom, and if we don't then it will be brought in through another situation, the faces and places or situation might be different but the lesson is the same. When we learn this, we go in to learn the next one. It's a classroom where we are being taught to learn and to remember who we are, to achieve that wisdom, that god consciousness.

We will see people around us going through this often. It might be hard to watch the person hit their head so many times, but that being needs to go through that phase to learn what they came here to learn that is part of their piece of the puzzle, it is not in our or their alignment to intervene and help the being and get them out of the rut.. Unless they are making an effort and asking your guidance to be free. Even then they need to do the work and get the experience, so that they pass the test and graduate to the next level of their classroom. So remember this when we are in situations like this, so we are not taking their karma and taking their chance to learn what they need to learn with their evolution and to achieve life's wisdom.

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