Black widow effect

Black widow effect Many things in life are for our own interpretation and to see the higher truth in them. Some times it is a lesson that we need to learn and the other times it's our ignorant that gets us. When we are awaken and are new to the idea of spirituality, we look outside for answers. This is the time we are so trusting and ignorant to many things. We are like new born babies, learning to walk and don't believe that we can be hurt. Many of us learn the lessons the hard way. This is an affect we are seeing around groups and people. See if you have figured this out already. The situation arises with ego demanding attention and desire to have control and power. So the being attracts the same kind or innocent people to the group with an invitation to be a friend; sometimes they go after specific people with special genetics or gifts and knowledge.

While they are being fed some information or whatever they desire to keep them in the group and keep them distracted/busy, their life-force and knowledge will be slowly taken from them ( sometimes gifts are stolen as well). Followers of the group also get entangled into the persons daily drama as they are being vomited/slime on daily with the person’s life dramas and issues. When the person is an extremely imbalanced state, they vomit/slime so much that the whole group gets a big dose of poison to process.

This makes the leader feels good and happy but the rest gets to clear other peoples poison and other interference that’s sent through conversations or mails. Followers get vampired as long as they are needed and get controlled with emotional manipulation.

These wannabe leaders or teachers or healers, as their ego gets stronger and based on how unstable they are many dark beings take advantage of this situation and start to manipulate them and the group for their purposes as well as the group gets fed upon many ways. In some cases the being is so unstable, they become portals for the dark. This is like getting stuck in a spider web and without the person knowing their life force been sucked out.

It is much easier to fish in a larger group for these beings to pick who they want to be in their private groups, keeping an open mind and energetic awareness is very useful when it comes to handling energy vampires.


Post date: Apr 7, 2015 7:02:42 PM