Channeling Entities

Channeling Entities

Written on September 3, 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @

These days we often hear that many beings are channeling information for themselves or to assist the planet. Some of these include discarnate entities, family members who passed on, or other higher dimensional entities or councils who tell them they are from the light. I thought I’d write about this a bit as it seems some beings are not aware that they are putting themselves in great danger by allowing these beings to enter their body. Any being that is not part of your god-self/higher-self should not be allowed to enter your body in any way or form.

At the moment the Dark is doing all they can to trick the Light workers from reaching their ascension. They want to manipulate and use them for their own agendas. There are so many negative alien groups and so many agendas that we do not want to be part of any of these negative forces and their agendas. We simply want to connect with our god-self/ higher- self and find our way home. All these agendas have one thing in common, dominion over humanity and enslavement of the human race. All that giving money away when they come to power or favoring us when they are invited by us to save the world is a big lie.

So we have to be extra careful who we are listening to and working with; this is where our values and integrity and common sense come in handy. Do we want to believe another force , ET or not, who are saying the same lies we have heard all our lives? When a being outside of our god-self/higher-self enters our body, they can harm our blueprint and light bodies and misdirect us from our true path. True Light beings who are in full alignment to god source and it's natural law do not enter your body, or merge with your being, they know it is against your will to do that, they use other methods of communications.

Always watch who you are letting in and also whoever communicating with you to ask them who they are working with and what is their alignment. Ask to connect with the beings that are in full complete connection to god source and in full alignment to its natural law and in full alignment to your god-self, who respect and recognize you as god; a sovereign and free being.

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