Why work for the Dark

Why work for the Dark?

Written by Pavithra LH @ http://www.starcrystaplportal.com

Written on March 8, 2015

If you feel you have the upper hand with the gifts or knowledge and you have to manipulate people in to getting something from them, like steeling codes or tricking them in to doing negative oriented healing work or teaching.

I have to tell you this Don't! do it..It is not going to work out well for you in the long run. These are dark tricks and you are walking in to their traps by practising these methods. You are here to represent the light. You are here to ascend, and ascension is something that we work with our spirit on. Eternal spirit is not here to cheat, trick, step on other people to reach high up, be jealous of their work and try to get the other light worker down, control them to your will, or to compete. Period.

Why diminish the light?

None of this is the natural state of the eternal spirit. This is the state of a fallen, a demonic or negative aliens. We all have seen what they have done to the planet and us. Why do we want to support them again with aligning to them and their practices just to get ahead a bit more? Do you think this is something your spirit is going to allow you to do? Do you think the other light beings working up there that are supporting the ascension of this planet agree to these practices and assist you to get up fast? I don't think so. You will be asked to/taught to learn this lesson before you go ahead for another level of light expansion/embodiment. Through these practices, you are diminishing your light quotient and allowing the shadow, phantom and dark side to enter your being or raise their head within you. As you begin to resonate more and more with the dark, the more dark you are inviting in.

Resonance -Have you heard of this phenomena?

Resonance is something we all need to learn. If you want to, you can call it law of attraction, but this has much more of a depth for us to learn. Our reality is what we resonate to, it is what we attract more to us. This is really important in a multidimensional sense. Some of the resonance we have are due to our beliefs systems, some are due to blood and genetics, and some are due to the land and the places we live in and many other situations we need to understand to realize how we are resonating to attract dark. Long hidden distorted DNA and blood in our ancestry is the cause for certain dark manipulations on the person or even possible semi or full blown possessions.

Hybridization and the mixed bag of Genetics

Remember the stories we heard about DNA manipulation in the past by the negative aliens and the breeding with the gods that came? Or the light side deciding to heal certain DNA strands, and so willingly allowing breading or soul embodiments? Or the Indigo 3 contracts we hear these days? Yes, some of these were done by the dark as part of the hybridization agenda, but others are by the light side attempting to heal the genetics. They both have allowed the people of current day to have a mixed bag of distorted genetics hidden in the closet which we have not taken out to see what they are and how to heal them.

Indigo 3 - The brave souls

If you haven't heard about the Indigo 3, these are souls that are born these days with a specific intention of healing the dark DNA and genetics. This is an example of the light side doing another caring good deed, attempting to heal the Nephilim by allowing the Nephilim soul to be born in to the human body with the assistance of a light soul, to guide and to heal it. There are two souls in one body, some kind of a soul braiding. This is not an hybridization agenda but if the process fails, the children coming out of these people are half connected to dark matrices and dark universes. It seems, when we look at this from our 3D point of view, the light side is willing to take a risk in allowing a light soul to be born in with a dark soul. Imagine being in a body where light and dark are both giving you impressions and guidance to live your life. It seems from the higher dimensional point of view the brave souls that come in with these contracts have a different idea about all these things. Oneness is a beautiful thing isn't it?

Getting back to the resonance; the more distorted genetics, blood we have the easier for these hidden parts in us to resonate with dark. This is where the loving heart comes to assist us. Having a loving heart and nurturing a loving personality comes in handy as we have the ability to resonate more light and neutralize the effects of these genetics and slowly heal ourselves.

Have you met the tricky sales men?

I am sure, you have met a trickster salesman or a cunning man or a manipulative one. Have you felt their energies, have you seen their light bodies? They are a mess. Shadows, entities, slime and tentacles and black tar like substance and many other things. Some of them are walking with one foot in the hell worlds and one foot in the human world.

Do you want to be one of these beings? Think about these facts before you act.. I am not trying to create fear in you, but bringing you awareness to realize the consequences of your actions.

Dark need food to sustain themselves

How can you raise your consciousness and become a light being, when you are working for the dark through these life styles? We might assume that the salesmen that you met have not got the call yet, or he is continually ignoring the call. We must not let our spirit be consumed by the dark by joining with them. Dark need food sources, as they are no longer connected to the light source so they need light form someone else to consume. So they vampire the light of another being through coding into them, or get into a person like the salesman and live in his or her light bodies. The more you allow the ego to take control of you the bigger the empty shell it creates within you. Be aware of this, this is not the state you want to be in. Get control of your ego, don't let it run the show!

Be Gentle with yourself

We also must remember to be gentle with ourselves. This problem we see today in humanity is something that has been escalating for thousands and thousands of years and is now coming to a head. So the pressure is high and we are all seeing or feeling it in some parts of our life. Many people are spiritual bankrupt; their spirit banks are almost empty and their souls are dying and crying for freedom. We are in a ego prevalent society, a place where spirituality is not something fashionable any more. Talking about spirituality makes some people avoid the conversation or think you are weird. With all these obstacles around you, cutting a path to free your inner being is something only a brave soul can do. And you have that bravery that is why you are hear reading this article. So I ask you and remind you of this so you can take note of the enormity of the task you have taken on and be gentle with yourself. Only you can comfort your soul, your inner child and talk to it to, guide it to be free of fear, shame, guilt and all the programming that has been fed to you over this life time and some more from your ancestry. Be very gentle with yourself, but be brave to take a stand to heal yourself.

You are Responsible!

Why do you want to be a victim of the dark any longer? Be aware of all your thoughts and actions. Slowly stop one thought, one action at a time to get free from the traps you have allowed yourself to be in. The more you release these traps the more you are being shown the weaker areas of you personality to reclaim yourself.

We are all responsible for ourselves. There is no one out there to blame. We need to see the situations that we are in and take actions right now. Be responsible for yourself, your soul, your light and your thoughts and actions. You are in control. Take a stand today to be the light you are. Expand that love and be free.

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