Shades of gray

Post date: Apr 19, 2015 3:31:11 AM

When the light diminishes, shades of dark descends on to those areas. This dark can be named with so many labels, in fact we can put as many labels as we want based on whatever the concepts or beliefs we hold; and we can be scared of them as much as we want to. The truth is all this is one thing, the absence of light. When the light shines upon them, all these shades of dark disappear out of our presence. The main reason for this kind of thinking within us is the belief that we are separate from God/Eternal source/Eternal Spirit. Separation thinking creates a huge fear in our body, this lets the shades of dark fill those areas as we no longer let the light in with our own fear and pain. By believing and being fearful of the shades of dark we are giving them energy, we are giving them life and they come alive in our presence. That is why the whole planet is covered with thick dense fields of fear and pain and we are feeding this field with our own dramas daily.

We can label these shades of dark with many names based on our beliefs, concepts, religions culture and so on. As you can see, they are all stories we tell ourselves. They can be races of beings, negative aliens, phantoms, shadows or artificial creations. We can say they got created due to the fall, and that resulted in the distortions in the DNA strands 12 dimensions below.

All this is true in our mind. As we want to understand this, we give it a label so it is more understandable to our mind. As we see this complex tapestry of stories upon stories woven through many, many centuries or possibly millions or billions of years in time. We understand, all this is due to our being out of the oneness, out of our stillness. In the now moment, we no longer allow separation from the eternal, the pure consciousness, the God. This is where we must be if we can to be free from all of this nonsense.

Here are a few labels so far that I have used in my own writings and ones that I have heard from others around me. These labels give us the ability to point a finger or to say, separate them from one group to another. Again I say, in a real sense this is all different shades of gray. Labels that we use zetas, reptilians, black dragons, green dragons, red dragons, azura, galactic federation, moon chains, anunanki, artificial black suns, metatronics , belikadamans, etc. All of them were created from the thinking of separation. Due to our ignorance they are using every trick in the book to feed on humanity for thousands of years. Who are they? To that question I answer, they are the cause of separation thinking.

We watch news that feeds the fear, we watch scary films, dramas, soap operas and we create pain and fear in our body and transmit more out to the world around us. We are addicted to this. It's like we are possessed by something and it wants us to keep on feeding it. So we create dramas in our life, we don't look at things for what they are and surrender to the fact that "it is" and take actions from that now moment. No, we dwell on it, we talk to others about it, we share it, we amplify the pain and fear within us so we can feed the monster within us. This is the normal life for humanity. The more we create fear and pain the easier it is for them to live on this earth, as they have a food source to feed on. We create them from our own ignorance. It is our collective unconscious fear that creates and allows these things to be propagated.

We can say no to this and start working on ourselves. Paying attention to our thinking, so we are not controlled by the mind and are taken out of our stillness. When we are out of our stillness, the now moment, we are separate from that Eternal self/God. This allows the mind to create so much pain and fear within us. Then these things can be created from us using our own thought forms or are allowed to feed upon us due to the fear and resonance we create.