It's another story

Post date: Feb 4, 2015 11:35:03 PM

It's another story Recent conversation on our newly created Google community made me thinking that led to writing this post. The news articles and what's going on in the world always question us to think again of what we are reading and taking in. One of the discussions on the community was, how the financial market is so scary and the recent dollar value that has gone down and many other situations that is so scary for the person. This person is reading all this talking about this is making his feel so confused and not sure what to do with his financial future. While we see the problems in the planet, we have to ask how much is true and how much is not. I always ask, there is so much good that is happening on this planet, why is that they are not posted high and might on the papers, websites and walls and celebrated. Why do we get to read all the negative fearful news, stories that are emotionally draining.

Why do we love stories so much but not the truth?

I see so many websites blowing up events that are miniscule out of proportions to get user attention, create fear and other negative emotions that feeds the masses. Which brings more fear to the consciousness filed, as if we don't have enough already. The Russian thing is making headlines now, to say they were the sleeping bear, but the bottom line is West is always looking for another enemy to fight another war, to get the masses distracted, ANOTHER STORY TO TELL US to get us distracted. The best way to stay in power is to make an enemy of someone or country and go to war with them. All the financial and other problems can be controlled or put under the carpet when the mass is distracted and are asking for help to protect and take care of them. What better way to control the world, than to create stories; if we buy in to them, then they control us.

How do we discern and make a choice to stay neutral and yet make the better financial and other choices? Hmmmmmm

What I thought was to see if there is fear attach to it and see if there are controlling factors, then also listen to our inner guidance, when the fear is out of the way and we are patient, we hear the truth!! :-0

Then we can see the stories upon stories woven, it's all a lie to make us go on loops. The main trick of the controllers and anyone who wants to control or distract us is create fear through lies and deception. When we keep an eye open for this, we can easily see the lies and if you want to know a bit more follow the money trail.

Good examples of showing how the system function are movies like Canadian Bacon and Wag the Dog. Here is a link to the movie review .. you might be interested to read this point of view.

It's all a big lie, a illusion to keep us wrapped up in fear, when we see this clearly more and more, within us and all around the world, we get the courage to break down the boundaries that keep us shackled from our one true purpose. Pavithra