Faith that moves Mountains

Post date: Jan 22, 2015 7:59:40 PM

Faith that moves Mountains As we go through the ups and downs of the evolution of our consciousness, following the spirit as much as we can, I realize the pain and difficulties this process brings in as we face the inner fears and unconscious beliefs which we hold that pull us down and makes us the victim to the Ego's trickery. As we face the frustration of the events, and get hold of ourselves, every time we come to the same "one" realization, that "this too shall pass". Yesterday, I asked the question, why, do we say "this too shall pass" and then move on? The reason is that we have been building the "trust" in ourselves and our God self /Eternal Spirit. That there is a reason for this situation and we may have not seen it yet or we just learned the lesson as we went through the situation. However it is, we still take a breath and have the courage to move on.

When I look deep in to this, I realize that, there are many factors involved in this process, so I thought I'd write about it from my perspective.

I have read about many people who made their way through the difficulties of life and one thing was so noticeable among all of them; that they were broken down to a level of nothingness to be built back up with trust in God/Creator. These people have lost the trust in themselves and spirit long time ago, they did not know how to choose themselves. They held deep core pains and unconsciously their whole life was about covering pain with external stuff.

When they were there, being broken to the last bits of themselves, what they learnt was amazing. They learnt to "trust", they learnt to have "faith", in something bigger than them (Creator/Source/God/Eternal Spirit), whatever the religion they were brought up from, it did not matter. They began to have "faith" and they worked with that faith to build a "trust", a tangible feeling that they are being taken care of. That trust allowed them to grow back to be something bigger than they were ever before.

It all began with the faith in Creator (God). This faith gave them the courage to face inner fears and hidden beliefs they held, that made them feel unworthy and abandoned. They held this faith as the most precious thing in their life, as they battled through these fears to free themselves. Through these struggles they built trust in themselves and trust in God as well as they let go of the pain.

As they built this trust with God they felt they belonged to something, that they are not abandoned anymore, and they felt worthy. They begin to believe in themselves, they begin to love themselves and as they evolve, they begin to love others. The true service to others without unconscious expectations began for them.

Faith is a magnetic force, through which you attract and bend the universe to your will.

Faith is a supernatural ability that every human is born with.


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